Post Election Sri Lanka

In magerata on January 30, 2010 at 12:15 pm

I think the country is settling down to their business of survival while the winners and the losers are plotting their respective action plans.

I read an article by D B S Jeyaraj that I read from top to bottom and awaiting the next installment. There were many other articles that analyzed the election but most were  from both the extremes. I do not have a great political knowledge about Sri Lanka nor about any of the candidates. So I have to rely on others to learn. I have read a few articles by D B S Jetaraj and everyone of them stimulated my brain cells, just like the big banks here after President Obama’s economic stimulus. I wish I knew this man, so I could pick his brain.

I wish the best for the country, hope it will rise above the ……

I did not vote but if I did, it would certainly not be SF. Perhaps next time.

OOPS sorry Jeyaraj, I misspelled your name earlier.

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