“GroundViews” Join hands in developing Sri Lanka

In magerata on February 3, 2010 at 6:41 am

The academic and NGO mosh pit seems to be running out of content and publishing such thrash as ” Yes I am a Tamil” and academics against president or academics against their vice chancellors exercising their democratic rights like  “Should Vice-Chancellors pledge support to the President?.

While entertaining, I feel they can do much better in helping the country get out of the slumber and see a better tomorrow. They do have a wide audience and could be instrumental in bringing the plight of Sri Lankan’s to light rather than mud slinging.

It is evident that the plight of Sri Lankan’s in the north of the country is much more in need of attention but a site like “Groundviews” with such audience seems to be focusing on petty annoyances. I hope they will set aside the election fever personal agendas and set sights on helping the country grow. The country has been under siege for more than 30 years and terrorists managed to hurt and was hard on all the citizens of Sri Lanka. It did not matter what race you were bombs made very little difference in choosing it’s targets, it did not matter where the bomb came either.

People in the north and east may have welcomed tigers but soon learned that it was not the utopia they were hoping for. Government which was adamant on eliminating the terrorists were not kind to those people either. They were getting hammered by both the sides.

Now is the time to help those people and convince them that they are Sri Lankans and so will be treated thus. Poems by morons containing sentences like  ““Slay the Tamils! Give us the peace!”” does little to help to heal the wounds.

So Groundviews, rise to the occasion!

Be Proud of, Be Good and Be Kind to Magerata.

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