General Still At War

In magerata on February 10, 2010 at 1:14 pm

Looks like General SF is still at war. DBS Jeyaraj has posted a nice account of the event of his arrest.  I could not leave a comment though, system refused my comment! But I did comment or pulled a coup d’etat on Indi’s blog. As usual SittngNut had his own way of expressing the arrest of SF.

All are good reads but DBSJ’s article takes you for a walk through of the arrest.

Those like me could say, He should have not protested the arrest as resisting arrest itself is a charge because it is better to fight it over at the courts! (I have no knowledge of Sri Lankan military tribunals) but it is promised that he will be provided with what is necessary to defend himself.

Others can cry foul and talk about the mistreatment of  one of Sri Lanka’s heros. I personally do not know what he did to become a hero. If anyone want to tell me because he won the war, yes he and hundreds thousands of others. And the general is known to mistreat his own subordinates. May be some of those who arrested him from that group. Revenge comes from different directions.

What ever the case, I hope people can talk about this justice / injustice in a civil manner, without pulling out the reserved vocabulary on your opponents. We want to reduce  the tension not increase.

If you are really passionate, get a license and hold a protest rally, peacefully. You want let your ideas and ideals known, not destroy your neighbors house because he hoisted a blue flag. (Don’t come to my house, we have a fierce Chihuahua!)

be aware

blue dog

One thing Lord Buddha preached was that “Everyone has potential to become a Buddha so treat everyone as you would treat a Buddha”. I know most of those in the land wearing saffron robes would not even know that, but you know now.

  1. nice chihuahua.

    and good post .

    i would always take anything dbs jeyaraj says more than little sceptically . unless others verify his claims independently. his accounts of military operations in east were good examples of his substandard ( in fact down right false ) ‘reporting’. btw is a good thing your comment was rejected bc one of my commented were actually edited and distorted and then published there . lol

    • First of all, thank you for the comment and yes I take everything with a grain of salt. Others should too. But we should always look left and right, before crossing the street.
      I do not know why the comment was not accepted but that is fine with me. All I want is for all of us to express our feelings without getting machetes in to our hands. I just got to know DBSJ, so we will have to see.

  2. Hello SN, I think DBS J seems to have something against me / my site. The second comment I left on his most recent article on SF was rejected.
    I do not mind that, it is his blog he has the right to chose who comments on it. I was truly surprised why they were rejected. Basically I was commending on the post.
    Oh well

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