Cars In Sri Lanka

In magerata on February 19, 2010 at 7:51 am

Honda EV-N

Why the Hondas doing better In Sri Lanka, Abdul Halik has some thoughts. But if you really want what is there now, You can check out Srilancars. (No affiliciation to the site) If you want more Googleit.

  1. Cars in Sri Lanka? Makes you want to kill yourself!

    I had one of those ubiquitous Honda Civics (EG8) in the late 90s… sold it for around Rs. 650,000 circa 2002. The same damn car is going for over a million at the moment…

    Makes you want to kill yourself!

  2. Thanks Sean, I wish they had better roads. Then again the ingenuity of Lankan mechanics surprises me.
    Why are used car prices keep going up? Time for a bunch of Nanos perhaps.

  3. Unfortunately, used prices reflect the taxes on new cars 😦

    Don’t quote me on the stats but taxes in the early 2000s were in the 200%-250% range; they are touching 400% now (I think).

    Actually the roads out of Colombo are pretty good now… Colombo is also improving here and there but the bulk of the city roads are still rubbish!

    • 400% tax? man I think it will be cheaper to make a car! Are there any Tata Nano’s in Sri Lanka yet?

  4. Not yet… I hear there’s quite a waiting list in India so exports may be thin on the ground.

    Funny you should mention “making cars”… the tax structure has led to a rather vibrant market in the illegal assembling of cars in SL. Cars imported in parts (often just cut in half) have a lower tax structure. They are then welded together here and sold… but you don’t have the required registration details obviously. I hear they guys doing it are getting better at forging chassis numbers and such so a lot of people get away with it…

    Pretty dangerous in terms of reliability and safety!

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