Richard De Soyza, 20 Years After

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Richard Manik de Zoysa

Richard De Soyza, has been gone for 20 years. He was killed on 18th Feb 1990. I knew him as a small one and did not understand what he stood for then, other than that he was a wonderful person. It was widely believed that the UNP government in power then, who abducted and killed him. Following is an excerpt from an article published on Asiaweek. I guess you reap, what you sow.

I hope UNP will not come up with human rights bull crap during this coming elections.

One such case was the murder of journalist Richard de Zoysa. Police suspected de Zoysa had friends among the JVP students at Colombo University, the movement’s urban base. On the night of Feb.18, 1990, Ronnie Gunasinghe, a senior superintendent for police and a confidant of Premadasa, was having drinks with Deputy Defence Minister Ranjan Wijeratne. At one point, says a senior police officer, Wijeratne called Premadasa and told him of a plan to pick up the journalist. The next day de Zoysa’s tortured body was found floating off a beach south of Colombo. Wijeratne was killed in a car bomb explosion in March 1991. Gunasinghe died with Premadasa in the explosion last week.

Rule by the Sword: An Assassination Brings to a Close an Era of Political Violence

[Anonymous; Asiaweek, May 12, 1993, pp. 21-24]

Image courtesy of  Asian Tribune

  1. Though,I never knew him personally; I always admired his talent. We were belong to two different social-levels, but he was different from the rest of his pack; so, down-to-earth.

    Isn’t it wonderful to see those with the blood on their hands, perish just like their victims, at the end? As they say, “Revenge is best, when served cold.” Ironically, people never learn lessons from the past and it is a vicious cycle, all over again.

  2. Hi Dappi, thank you for the visit.
    He was admired by everyone I know, from every level of the society. I hope we learn from him and be what we are supposed to be. Standing up for what you believe in.
    Even though I do not like any kind of bloodshed, the animal within me seem to find a sliver of satisfaction in the justice dealt to those who were responsible.

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