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In magerata on February 25, 2010 at 8:32 am

This actually is a request to correct the heading. I have this sentence in about Magerata and I know it is not completely Sinhalese but that is the best way I could say it. I have also asked my readers who are well versed in Tamil to instruct me how to say that in Tamil as well. I have had no proper responses yet, may be because the blog is new.  But a half-hearted critic, one Micheal Mendis from Australia Sri Lanka (SLT_ADSL) (had an IP Address mix up):) left the following comment, even without bothering to correct my mistake. (Perhaps he too did not know the correct way to say it,)

Api Okkoma Daruwo of Magerata” isn’t exactly Sinhala either, so don’t beat yourself up too much about not having the Tamil version either. If the Sinhala example is anything to go by, having it would prove more of an insult than to not having it.

Thanks to Michael I have decided to come out and ask all of you help me out!

We are the children of Magerata,

Api Okkoma Mageratae Daruwo (Please correct or tell me how to say it the best)

We are the children of En Nadu ( Please tell me how to say it! (“En Nadu” thanks to Whacko))

Thanks in advance!


SittingNut was kind enough to give me the following!

‘api okkoma mageratage daruwo’
අපි ඔක්කොම මගරෙටාගෙ දරුවො

  1. i don’t get what the fuss about
    i think correct sinhala is
    ‘api okkoma mageratage daruwo’
    අපි ඔක්කොම මගරෙටාගෙ දරුවො

    • Thanks a lot SN, I guess some people wants things perfect. Boy now I fear for my English!

  2. Dear friend,
    I there is some thing wrong in Sinhala Letters.that should be correct.

    • Hi Uditha,
      I too noticed the same. On one computer it shows the Sinhalese letters but from another it did not. I will check on it. Thanks

  3. Yes,that is correct.I do not know the reason.I think you can check.

  4. Some People, specially Sri Lankans like Micheal Mendis, when they get raped by Kangaroos, begin to speak with their asses.
    Thanks buddy, but as I mentioned Mendis is from Sri Lanka. But at the same time I would appreciate being civil in all matters. We can always say what we want without resorting to bad words, anger etc.

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