dbsjeyaraj, Sarath Fonseka And The Nature Of Comments.

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Burrup Peninsula, Dampier, WA - Aboriginal Rock Carving Laura & Frank

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dbsjeyaraj has written another article on current political situation in Sri Lanka. Again you learn some facts and figures from his article. I also learned that that dbsjeyaraj look up to British and Australians for examples of Justice. I think if not for the British, Sri Lanka’s ethnic troubles could have been much different (either way). The British justice were extremely good for British people, (except for those who were made Australians, including the children!). I think the Australians were much better yet their justice is allowing oil refineries over what Aborigines in Australia considers Aboriginal Bible, the arts are supposed to be 30,000 years old. But then there are people like Peter Garrett. You can help them too by standing up for the Burrup. That said, one can find faults even in Lord Buddha or Jesus so dbsjeyaraj can worship or look up to who ever he choses.

dbsjeyaraj is as always, well informed and lays down the story very well, filled with fascinating stuff, that makes you go “what?”. The article on Sarath Fonseka and the people involved is a good read.

So why I am writing here instead of leaving a comment. It is because either I managed to piss dbsjeyaraj off or he does not like my comments in broken English. I left comments twice and both did not appear. First I thought it was a technical blunder that I am making which prevented from posting a comment. I proved to myself today it is not the case, by leaving a successful comment under another moniker 🙂 Again like previous ones, thanking him for the lesson and the facts, which I am going to verify anyway, or perhaps let them go the way of Burrup!

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