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AKON Will Perform In Maldives! In April

In magerata, Tourism on March 31, 2010 at 3:44 am

Akon after all will have his concert it seems. Maldives will reap the benefits and the worlds attention, for being a more tolerant nation. All the people who thinks they won should read the following news item published by the AFP, which I have provided a link below.

The article states that the Maldives stepped in on Tuesday to offer US rap star Akon a replacement concert after his scheduled appearance in Sri Lanka next month was scuttled by protesting Buddhist monks. (emphasis is mine)

I guess young generation (who cares for the likes of Akon) all over the world will have a nice picture of Lankan Buddhist monks. On the other hand, whole world looks at Burmese monks as heroes who stood up for the peoples rights.

“We are very happy he is planning to come and perform,” President Mohamed Nasheed’s press secretary Mohamed Zuhair told AFP by telephone from the atoll nation.

Akon’s Colombo concert scheduled for April 24 was blocked after monks complained about his “Sexy Bitch” music video featuring women in bikinis dancing around a pool. A Buddha statue was visible briefly in the background.

The concert in the capital Male is reportedly planned for April 23.

Sri Lanka’s tourism minister Achala Jagoda said Colombo could not issue a visa to the Grammy Award-nominated star because the video “was insensitive to Sri Lanka’s (Buddhist) cultural heritage.”

The cancelled show, which was reported to have sold out with tickets priced at 25,000 rupees (220 dollars), also attracted criticism from thousands of Sri Lankans on Facebook and blogs.

I don’t know who are the people who paid Rs 25,000 (what?) for a ticket (Indi did you?) but next time it would be better to plan such protests better.



SLTnet International Backbone, Is It Hollow?

In development, magerata, Sri Lankan Internet on March 29, 2010 at 4:13 am

Updated with Telegeography link.

I was just curious about how Magerata was connected to the outside world. I started investigating the big boy SLTnet, Sri Lanka Telecom.

First thing jumped out of the picture was that SLTnet, has single handedly laid a submarine cable (or extended SMW4 to London and New York.) or they do not know what they are talking about. But if you think I am wrong, please enlighten me. The following map is from SLTnet;

Blowup of SLTnet International Backbone

From the sketch you will notice that SMW4 (South East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 4 (SEA-ME-WE 4)) runs all the way to London and New York. But below is the actual network route of SMW4;

But SMW3 runs all the way to London(Goonhilly actually), (SMW4 was built to complement SMW3);

South East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 3 (SEA-ME-WE 3)

So I wonder

If they made a mistake in the sketch? or

if they have an extension of SMW4 (HIC)?  or

If they are hoodwinking Sri Lankan populace saying that they have a 6.8Gbps inbound and outbound pipes?

I stand to be corrected?

SLTnet IP diagram (seem to disappear from time to time, see below for the latest capture)



One of the readers, Herman provided the following Telegeography link, where all the under sea cables are listed. Thanks Herman

Telegeography Submarine cable map

New SLT Map

Drinking My Karma Near Buddha Lounge, Literally.

In Festival, magerata, Press Freedom on March 28, 2010 at 6:49 am

Many people do not know the value of religious symbols world over, unless it is their religion and the symbol.

Golden and delicious Karma, no bubbles, From Nepal

While I do not believe how others treat statue of Buddha affect my practice of Buddhism. But there are people who do get affected and go so far as to attack and hurt other people in the name of the Buddha and Buddhism. So I was wondering how could I stop this abominable practices by westerners and Lankans like me! I was so engrossed in my thoughts, I forgot it was The third annual Earthday and to switch off the lights. A friend of mine came and offered, to go and drink our Karma, literally. So I went and had my Karma. The bashing of the Buddha Lounge has to be postponed for another day, for now I am giddy with my Karma!

But I could have simply said, do not try to get me to drink your Karma, it is yours!

Reaching for samadhi

A Sri Lankan Among World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders 2010

In development, magerata on March 27, 2010 at 12:42 pm

The World Economic Forum just announced its annual list of Young Global Leaders, recognizing “between 200 and 300 outstanding young leaders from around the world for their professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world”.

Being chosen to be a Young Global Leader of this annual selection of young leaders from all over the world is a great honor. The final list of about 200 is drawn from a pool of about 5,000 equally tallented leaders , the Young Global Leaders 2010 were chosen by a selection committee, chaired by H.M. Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and comprised of eminent international media leaders.

One of the Young Global Leaders 2010, World Economic Forum

I was very happy to notice Nandasiri Wanninayaka, Founder, Horizon Lanka among the likes of Roger Federer, Professional Tennis Player (from Switzerland), Evan Williams, CEO, Twitter (from the USA) and Mark Zuckerberg of facebook.

Congradulations Nadisiri Wanninayaka.

I think Nandisiri deserve the honor for he has accomplished what many would consider to be impossible task of building a successful enterprise out of the jungles of Wanni. He started all these when the country, specially the area he was working, was constantly under murderous tiger threats.

I have not met the man but from the testimonies from his own students speaks a world of him. He has basically built a BPO operation from, nothing but his will.

My only hope is that Sri Lankans too recognize him for what he is!.

The 2010 honourees will become part of the broader Forum of Young Global Leaders community that currently comprises 660 outstanding individuals. The YGLs convene at an annual summit – this year it will be in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2-7 May 2010, the first time in Africa and the largest ever gathering of YGLs – as well as at Forum events and meetings throughout the year.

You can find more information at

Wanninayaka’s blog

Indian Guru Murders Man On Live TV With Black Magic ! FAIL

In magerata, Politics on March 25, 2010 at 11:17 pm

With all these AKON stuff, if you think Sri Lanka is full of religious fanatics and weirdos, don’t forget our neighbor has more of these. Just like some priests here “bless” people so that they can go to nirvana, there are holy men all over the world promising salvation. I think even after the incident, Sharma’s followers still doling out money to him in the hopes of greater future with salvation thrown in.

When the “guru” Pandit Surender Sharma claimed he could kill a man using nothing but magic powers, Indian rationalist Sanal Edamaruku reacted and challenged Sharma to kill him! Of course he failed. But watch the video, if you want some laughs! Watch the follow up video, if you want to pee in your pants, due to laughter.

But you rationals and non rationals, think of the absurdity of this! Guru agreeing to murder a person! and does India allows assisted suicide, in either case the “Guru” was doomed. There are some Buddhist priests, who are not much different from Sharma!

Sri Lanka, Magerata Rated #2 In National Geographic’s Best 20 Islands To Visit.

In magerata, magerata video on March 20, 2010 at 5:43 pm

National Geographic rates Magerata, Sri Lanka at #2 in the 20 Best Islands in the world to visit. We were only second to Cuba and soon I want to beat them. There were many prestigious and beautiful islands that competed for this list. I am glad, Magerata is emerging from 30 year slumber.

The Beauty and the  Truth is hard to hide, enjoy.

I got the lead from OneSriLanka, Thanks

No 1 Joker + Dreamer Of Magerata

In magerata on March 17, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Dreaming has no limits

“I will only celebrate the day I expose this rogue president to the country and to the world and bring the people of this country peace free of thuggery and political violence and bring real democracy to the country and stop corruption in the country.”

“He is jealous of me as I got more votes than him although he rigged he knows that I can challenge him  But I will never give up exposing rogue president for sake of country,”

Yes You have the right to dream but don’t make a mockery of Magerata. Your far far away castle is awaiting you in Oklahoma!

By the way if it is too hot, take a cold shower, like most Sri Lankans (even Indi( does.

You can read more here and don’t forget to follow the comments from people for and against SF.

Democracy In Sri Lanka

In magerata on March 16, 2010 at 5:24 am

There are many ways one could voice his/her ideas and views on any subject through various media. We do that everyday. For Lankans, the up coming elections are a great issue and of value at the same time. But a country’s future is way beyond an election or two. People need to civilly bring forth their ideas without resorting to kill those who oppose them.

Democracy in Sri Lanka

I have used Google Moderator previously but Sanjana Hattotuwa has created a forum where you could sound your ideas. He or his thinking may not be your cup of tea. Neither is mine but this idea of Google Moderator is gold, brilliant, my hat off to him for coming up with that.

Please visit the google moderator site at and share your ideas or at least vote for the ones already there. I posted mine and voted for a few.

Hiking With Kirigalpoththa

In Kottu Killer, magerata on March 13, 2010 at 10:02 am

One Of Many Kirigalpoththa's Work

I love Magerata and I love people who love the country even more. I do not only mean people who love my country, mostly in words, like me!. There are many people who are genuinely working hard to make the country a better place. Some of them, truly make me wonder, for their commitment. They may have different political views like The End,, Sittingnut, and many others who are active in, mostly political and main stream. Then there are Kirigalpoththa, Gallicissa, Sinhalaya travels, and the likes who not only travels the beautiful island but manage to take us with them through their writings. Then there are people like Rajaratarala who makes me want to become a farmer. I like them all, like you love all your siblings with different natures.

Kirigalpoththa stands tall among them. I have taken more notes from his hiking and subsequent writings, for future visits, I hope still while I can hike!.

I have also learned about places, I have never heard before. He writes about his adventures well and he has many followers from all corners of the world to prove it. May be it is because of his photographs, or may be because of detailed yet simple story telling. For me it is all of them.

I plan to continue read him for a long time to come and I am also planing to visit places that he has made so inviting.

Thank you Kirigalpoththa. Keep on hiking!

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Would you do this job? Unsung Heroes At Work.

In magerata on March 8, 2010 at 6:09 am

Mine clearing in Sri Lanka, MAG International

I would not (for one I can’t squat!) but then these people must have something going on inside, more than just liking the job.  These people are working with MAG International, Mines Advisory Group, a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict world over, saving lives. Thank you MAG International! You also can help MAG in many ways. Follow the links to find out how.

An Unsung Hero Clearing Mines In Sri Lanka.

Another reason for this post is that I, we, usually bash the likes of Miliband and others for their political views but at the same time, we have to give credit to where credit due. MAG Sri Lanka operations are aided by following orgnizations, (Thank you to those organizations and people who support the same.)  AusAID; Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA); UK Department for International Development (DFID); Good Gifts; The Kirby Laing Foundation; Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, US Department of State; Stichting Vluchteling; TUUT Charitable Trust.

MAG International.

Real Heroes Of Sri Lanka Series