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In magerata on March 1, 2010 at 1:58 am

I am at lost about Sri Lankan Buddhist Monks. I am sure there are many respectful monks who are following the right path. But those good monks are over shadowed by many who should not be in robes. Perhaps this one is searching for the right path.

(Apparently I am not clear about what meat to say, (see comments). What I meant is that I like the seeking spirit of this monk, even though I am unhappy with the general state of priesthood in the country.)

Searching for ......

No disrespect meant  towards anyone or Buddhism.

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  1. I dont understand what your point is? Were you trying to say that using of binoculars by monks is wrong? or congradulating them? theres so much more you can critisize them on, if you wanted to.

    • Hi Dong Dong, sorry about not being clear about what I wanted to express. What I meant was, I am not happy with the general priesthood in the country. Hopefully it will change in the future,
      I liked the seeking spirit of this priest.

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