“Dream into Reality”, Sri Lankan Farmer Blogs.

In magerata on March 2, 2010 at 7:45 pm

I stumbled in to a set of blogs maintained by a expat turned farmer. Having dealt with books in USA, UK, the man has returned to Sri Lanka, to Dream into Reality, aka become a farmer. But he does not stop there, he explains about his Perceptions of being a farmer and many other hats he wear.

He also asks us to Kapanakaranna through his Serendipity and he also keeps a sort of photo blog of Kumbuk Pokuna Lodge, a multi year project to bring people like us near to elephants, the wild ones.

Not to be missed is a blog by one of his dogs, Sinha Bahu and Megha

  1. He is very inspiring!

  2. Thanks Kirigalpoththa, yes he is. He makes you want to become a farmer!

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