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In Kottu Killer, magerata on March 5, 2010 at 6:06 pm

I came across this blogger “Cerno” (Cernō) which in Latin means to separate, sift. Perhaps he is sifting through VICH (Voices In Cerno’s Head) give us some good reads. At the same time meaning of Cerno also gives “Distinguish”  and all these English verbs in Latin are like bitter herbs to me and I better stop before I hurt myself.

Cerno distinguishes (?) himself to be a mapper and from all his work, he seem to be the official mapper of the Sri Lankan blogsphere. Even though I have only known his blog for a short while, it took me a long while to go through his map collection.

He is also seem to be the gateway for “Vehicle Graphics Sri Lanka ”  as he even mentioned about feeling lucky with Google. He also thinks he knows a lot about Graphic Design In Sri Lanka! I wonder how he escapes the wrath of all those advertising people in the island.

Then he got this list of various Sri Lankan clubs or organizations, that you may want to join. Just as simple cricket clubs refuses to accept me as a member (It might be due to fact that I am carrying a baseball bat around), I do not think I have chance in joining “Bare Handed Wild Boar Hunting Club” as I wear gloves almost all the time. But I got to join “People’s Republic of Dehiwala” because I want to form “People’s Republic of Mt. Lavinia” and tax all those inner Colombo dudes and dudettes who uses our beaches and clubs.

It is hard enough to read his elegant writing, which he has been doing for a while, I will stop writing  about his blog before I get lost and make a fool of myself. But do visit (if you have not already) Cernō for hours of fun and knowledge!

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  1. I love all these people brightening up Sri Lankan Blogsphere. You too Kirigalpoththa.

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