Freedom Of Press, Microsoft Style!

In Press Freedom on March 7, 2010 at 3:27 am

Piss On Microsoft.

Just as many are fighting for press freedom, there are attempts by corporations like Microsoft to kill the freedom of press. Microsoft forcibly shutdown following its publication Microsoft’s “Global Criminal Compliance Handbook“, a confidential 22 page booklet designed for police and intelligence services. there were many agencies that jumped to the occasion to help Cryptome, like and Wikileaks. Cryptome was hosted at, when it was shutdown. Subsequently Microsoft has withdrawn its copyright complaint against Cryptome,  and is back up again.

Wikileaks commented on the incident saying (Making me wonder about Sri Lanka);

Such actions are a serious problem in the United States, where although in theory the First Amendment protects the freedom of the press, in practice, censorship has been privatized via abuse of the judicial system and corporate patronage networks.

A while ago Yahoo too tried the same but Cryptome did not back down. They also published electronic surveillance guides from FacebookAOL, and Skype, among others.  The new Cryptome has brand-new “spying guides” for PayPal and MySpace.

So use hotmail for spam collection only! 🙂 Where ever possible, use Linux.

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