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One Of Many Kirigalpoththa's Work

I love Magerata and I love people who love the country even more. I do not only mean people who love my country, mostly in words, like me!. There are many people who are genuinely working hard to make the country a better place. Some of them, truly make me wonder, for their commitment. They may have different political views like The End,, Sittingnut, and many others who are active in, mostly political and main stream. Then there are Kirigalpoththa, Gallicissa, Sinhalaya travels, and the likes who not only travels the beautiful island but manage to take us with them through their writings. Then there are people like Rajaratarala who makes me want to become a farmer. I like them all, like you love all your siblings with different natures.

Kirigalpoththa stands tall among them. I have taken more notes from his hiking and subsequent writings, for future visits, I hope still while I can hike!.

I have also learned about places, I have never heard before. He writes about his adventures well and he has many followers from all corners of the world to prove it. May be it is because of his photographs, or may be because of detailed yet simple story telling. For me it is all of them.

I plan to continue read him for a long time to come and I am also planing to visit places that he has made so inviting.

Thank you Kirigalpoththa. Keep on hiking!

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  1. Yeah, Kirigalpoththa’s blog has been really useful to us too 🙂

  2. Hi Magerata,
    This is a very pleasant surprise 😀
    Thanks a million!!

    • You are a gentleman hiker, and I think many can learn more than hiking from you,! 🙂

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