No 1 Joker + Dreamer Of Magerata

In magerata on March 17, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Dreaming has no limits

“I will only celebrate the day I expose this rogue president to the country and to the world and bring the people of this country peace free of thuggery and political violence and bring real democracy to the country and stop corruption in the country.”

“He is jealous of me as I got more votes than him although he rigged he knows that I can challenge him  But I will never give up exposing rogue president for sake of country,”

Yes You have the right to dream but don’t make a mockery of Magerata. Your far far away castle is awaiting you in Oklahoma!

By the way if it is too hot, take a cold shower, like most Sri Lankans (even Indi( does.

You can read more here and don’t forget to follow the comments from people for and against SF.

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