SLTnet International Backbone, Is It Hollow?

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Updated with Telegeography link.

I was just curious about how Magerata was connected to the outside world. I started investigating the big boy SLTnet, Sri Lanka Telecom.

First thing jumped out of the picture was that SLTnet, has single handedly laid a submarine cable (or extended SMW4 to London and New York.) or they do not know what they are talking about. But if you think I am wrong, please enlighten me. The following map is from SLTnet;

Blowup of SLTnet International Backbone

From the sketch you will notice that SMW4 (South East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 4 (SEA-ME-WE 4)) runs all the way to London and New York. But below is the actual network route of SMW4;

But SMW3 runs all the way to London(Goonhilly actually), (SMW4 was built to complement SMW3);

South East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 3 (SEA-ME-WE 3)

So I wonder

If they made a mistake in the sketch? or

if they have an extension of SMW4 (HIC)?  or

If they are hoodwinking Sri Lankan populace saying that they have a 6.8Gbps inbound and outbound pipes?

I stand to be corrected?

SLTnet IP diagram (seem to disappear from time to time, see below for the latest capture)



One of the readers, Herman provided the following Telegeography link, where all the under sea cables are listed. Thanks Herman

Telegeography Submarine cable map

New SLT Map

  1. I dunno about the technical stuff, but being an SLT user I can tell you that the speeds keep dropping every single day… It’s becoming a pain to use internet now, quite reminiscent of the dial up days! lol 😀

    • Hi Chavie, you are not the only one many users in Magerata are complaining. That is one of the reasons to look into the international back haul. Perhaps they are over selling the bandwidth and making it is difficult to do any proper work during peak hours!

  2. You are right. SMW4 does not extend to New York as shown in SLT IP diagram. Submarine cables landing in New York/New Jersey have different names.
    See links below for cable maps. They are hard to read even after zooming unless you plot them on a large size plotter


    • Thanks for the links Herman I have added the telegeography site to the post.

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