AKON Will Perform In Maldives! In April

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Akon after all will have his concert it seems. Maldives will reap the benefits and the worlds attention, for being a more tolerant nation. All the people who thinks they won should read the following news item published by the AFP, which I have provided a link below.

The article states that the Maldives stepped in on Tuesday to offer US rap star Akon a replacement concert after his scheduled appearance in Sri Lanka next month was scuttled by protesting Buddhist monks. (emphasis is mine)

I guess young generation (who cares for the likes of Akon) all over the world will have a nice picture of Lankan Buddhist monks. On the other hand, whole world looks at Burmese monks as heroes who stood up for the peoples rights.

“We are very happy he is planning to come and perform,” President Mohamed Nasheed’s press secretary Mohamed Zuhair told AFP by telephone from the atoll nation.

Akon’s Colombo concert scheduled for April 24 was blocked after monks complained about his “Sexy Bitch” music video featuring women in bikinis dancing around a pool. A Buddha statue was visible briefly in the background.

The concert in the capital Male is reportedly planned for April 23.

Sri Lanka’s tourism minister Achala Jagoda said Colombo could not issue a visa to the Grammy Award-nominated star because the video “was insensitive to Sri Lanka’s (Buddhist) cultural heritage.”

The cancelled show, which was reported to have sold out with tickets priced at 25,000 rupees (220 dollars), also attracted criticism from thousands of Sri Lankans on Facebook and blogs.

I don’t know who are the people who paid Rs 25,000 (what?) for a ticket (Indi did you?) but next time it would be better to plan such protests better.


  1. visit maldives 2011!

  2. this is such a huge loss for us because there were plenty of Maldivians planning to visit SL for the Akon concert. :S

    what about the Lankan ticket holders must they like buy an air ticket as well to get to Maldives or do they get a refund?

    • I am not sure about refunds but I heard the concert in Sri Lanka will go on without AKON so no refunds. I do not know who the other singers are!

  3. […] like Akons music nor his acts, but I dislike ( more like detest) this monk even more. It seems that Akon will perform in Maldives! after all and the crowd who could afford Rs.25000 tickets will see it in anyway and this monk only […]

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