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If  the elections in Sri Lanka brought about unexpected news, then I think one thing that is prominent is the demise of JVP. Usually I do not like any party being reduced to nothing, but I think not having to deal with JVP, is a good thing. Rather than my babbling, perhaps this article by Neville Silva, End of the road for Sri Lanka’s left? on Malaysian New Straight Times might be a read.

Location For “Back From The Cold”

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I forgot to post maps of Lassen Volcanic National Park related to “Back From The Cold” post. Here they are;

Lassen National Park

And the terrain;

Beauty under the snow

Back From The Cold Of Lassen

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There came the sun

Well it was a nice trip, Volcano (Mostly dormant) and snow goes together except for the sulfuric stench. But I endured those, had good time cross country skiing and of course some work.

But Blue Trees?

Blue Trees

But the environment changed at every turn. It was fun to dip my tired feet in to the icy cold stream.

Stream in the mountains

Stream in the mountains

But I could also sit down, if I wanted and if the bench was dry.

Wet And Cold

Then I went in the darkness and even though difficult had to take this shot, from the car!

riding into the darkness

Only to emerge into my sunny abode and ride my bike in my favorite park. (Photo of me riding credit to my friend Dal)

Riding makes you feel good!

See you guys later, Got to finish some work!

I Took The B Loop

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Never hurt to retrace your footsteps

Even though the path way was snow covered, I took the B Loop, Perhaps this what needed to be taken by some of our politicians.

Happy New Year Sri Lanka.

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Happy New Year to all Sri Lankans and may this year be a peaceful and a happy new year. Be nice to your fellow Sri Lankans. Hope This nice day make Sri Lanka the happiest place on earth. I wish I could travel from Jaffna to Matara.

My Kiribath has to come from BurgerMeister today! as I will have to travel a bit far today. Not even a chance to visit my Sri Lankan Friends. Well I will do better next year. Enjoy all your tasty meals!

Happy New Year.

For those who are hating the current heat in Sri Lanka, this is where I will be for next two days. Photo is from June last year!

Yosemite Valley, A Place To Hike.

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Yosemite Valley, more than 90 miles of Hiking trails.

Click (once for the photo and then twice) on the photo for a larger view.

I am not much of a rock climber. But I love hiking, you know the less risky kind and Yosemite Valley is a good hiking place. There is more to Yosemite Valley than the usual tourists view points, like the one above.

Yosemite Valley Photo was taken from the start of the red arrow facing the direction of the arrow

Glacier point, where the photo was taken  is about 2500 feet above Curry Village below

The Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River makes a good area to blend in with the nature. All the best waterfalls are there, some even as tall or long as 600 feet. I have covered all the trails Mr Doyle Donehoo describes and has documented so well. I have come to know a few artists and photographers , whom I usually go here to camp out. They have shown me the hidden wonders of  Yosemite Valley.

Yet nothing to match those, that Kirigalpoththa, other good hikers and photographers find and document in Magerata, because I yearn for those.

If Music Get Along So Well, Why Are We So Behind?

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I am sure there is a message somewhere, I just can’t nail it! May Be because I have 2000 odd songs on my iPhone but not enough ones related to Sri Lanka.


I Am Hungry for Egg Hoppers!

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Local Breakfast, originally uploaded by An Unexpected Song.

Man, I will throw away any of these burger(s) or gourmet food I am having for just one of these.
Hope elections went well and everyone is happy.

Milibanda Also Facing Elections In May, But Unlike Our President, He Is Going home!

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I was laughing my head off today after reading a blog post by Oooru Miyaa about the  Lord Governor General of Sri Lanka Milibanda (also Known As David Miliband) and Gordon Brownriggs upcoming elections in UK.

Governer Milibanda has been trying to collect all Sri Lanka’s troubles in his sarong, perhaps RD gave him the sarong, in another plot to make as many Britishers, barefooters. Once I <del triedd /del> collected cashew fruits in my sarong, you know the way you form a pocket in front by holding the hem together, yes I destroyed the sarong by making some irremovable stains.  Milibandas are a frustrated lot, in their politics and in their sex lives. So they really must be hating to see all those lingaries coming from Sri Lanka ending up in high end department stores like Harrods. Like me they have managed to stain the sarong, the ultimate mans dress.

Which also reminds me that I got to grow up and become a man, ‘cos my sarong always keep falling off me unknowingly. I have to use an old tie to keep it in place.

But I have a suggestion for Sri Lanaka, let us spend some money and work against those peoples agendas. It will actually work for Sri Lanka. The way they have been running the government over there in the land where sun has set, I do not think they need any help going home. I just want to make sure, just like after locking a door, you always check if it is locked.

How well they have been running the government is very evident that 20 million or so Indians have better life conditions than those of middle class in England. We all know that India is growing fast but England is also diving fast. Their current government is not helping much to reverse to course.

Perhaps pretty soon, Britishers will emmigrate to India, like some Americans and Canadians, I know, already have done for economic reasons!.

Young Global Leader Nandasiri Wanninayaka on English and IT in rural villages

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I found this video done by Young Asia Television. I like the drive in Mr Wanninayaka. I like his projects and I like what YA TV is doing. We need to bring leaders like Mr. Wanninayaka to the fore front of the world to show that Sri Lanka is more than marauding bunch. We need more like Mr. Wanninayaka recognized by oranizations like World Economic Forums Young Global Leaders. Enjoy the Show