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I have committed an error in the title above and thanks to a reader Joe who pointed it out, I have corrected it. not

Also known as has brough another blog directory for Sri Lankans. Just like Kottu,  Slblogs , Achcharu and Sinhalabloggers. The having your site on directories is important for your SEO, unless the directory is itself black listed by search engines. Getting listed on Sri Lankan Blog Aggregators is a must for all Sri Lankan Bloggers. Having said that, I am listed only on Achcharu and Kottu. I need to work on others.

The site offers all three languages and aggregation.

We are providing free listing service to all Sri lankan bloggers. Blogs will be shown in Chronological order according to latest post they made. Readers will follow posts they are interested, by which we help bloggers to get traffic to their blogs.

Hey Poosaram, why did not you add me yet? 😦

  1. It’s not Poosaram DOT lk, it’s dot TK. You cant fool people like that buddy. Get a proper domain name first or this will fail.

    • Thanks Joe for noticing my error. This is not my domain. Hope the owners of the domain read your comment.

  2. kottu bans bloggers that critize some of indi padashow samarajiva’s (and his corrupt father rohan samarajiva’s) donors and friends.

    good example
    which was removed .

  3. Indi does what he like with his sites like we do with our sites. I am thinking of putting an end to all these controversies bringing up a total open site.

  4. yes indi.padshow he is free to do what he wants with in his private property as i usually make clear.

    we are also free to point out what he does; that he bans blogs that criticize some of his (and his corrupt father rohan samarajiva’s) donors and friends.

    ‘a total open site’ is a good idea!

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