Sri Lanka Military Budget, 2008

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Yes, this is what stopped the terrorists and what made SF rich enough to run for presidency! :).

Sri Lanka military budget 2008 Click on image to see a larger version

It is fascinating to see that Sri Lanka was  53rd (row count is different in above spreadsheet, click here for the complete military budgets of other countries) in the world spending $1540 million in 2008. Yes it is puny compared to big nations,

Big Boys War Chests

but in comparison of  % of GDP, we were in the big spenders group. Spending 4% of GDP for the armed forces, making same as USA (4% of 14.441 Trillion) :0 But be happy, you are not living in Myanmar!

Big Spenders in Armed forces

Hope 2010 budget is much smaller and would go into developing the country. I know there are people who are not happy with this spending and the result it brought. But instead of looking back and complaining, look forward and develop the country. You do not like the government, work on changing it, instead of crying foul like bunch of babies.

I like the President, so I should say bring it on!


  1. Good information!
    I thought we spent more than 4% of the GDP in 2008. Any idea of 2009 figures?

    • Hi KP, I think 2009 also would have been almost the same. I will take a few year to cut back the costs. Basically ammunition and logistics costs will be down. The cost of maintaining the forces will remain.

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