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I wrote this as a reply to one of Sittingnuts comments. But I thought there is a merit to publish it as a new post!

Hi Sn, Thanks for the long comment. I stand for what I believe in. If I find Sanjana doing something wrong, I will comment or publish a post. I want to fight in a different way than you do. But you are welcome to follow your own choosing. If we do not stand first for ourselves, we will not be able to stand for others. I have seen you bringing up many issues and most of them I agreed and left comment when ever deemed necessary. Some I found not to my liking but I let them be out of respect you as a person.
I think we all want Sri Lanka to be a better place. But I see some are working for their own gains first and that can’t last for ever and the truth will come out.
There are different ways of fighting or opposing. Even though it may sound cliche, I like the art of war by Sun Tzu, There are many ideas and stratergies that we could apply to our daily lives.
The chapter nine concentrates on “The Army on the March/Moving The Force describes the different situations in which you find yourselves as you move into new enemy territories and how to respond to them. Much of it focuses on evaluating the intentions of others.”
You are right in thinking that I have a backbone, I do. But if it is not to your liking, I can’t help it.
Akon I disliked the bugger a few years ago, perhaps even before you ever heard of him. He is/was a moron and the incident that threw me off was when he threw a kid off the stage, one of his fans, just because he was white kid. If you search YouTube you might find the video.
Why did I write this post?, because I expect more from a leaned Buddhist monk. They should not ignite fires, they should douse fires. We laymen can do the burning. It is not the deed I do not like, it is the way he handled it. If one feels strong about protecting Buddhism, great, I do too. I do that by introducing the Buddhism to people who have never thought about it. I also try very hard to practice what I preach. Before going after morons like Akon, This Bhikkhu could start in Sri Lanka by going after his fellow monks that set to destroy the Buddhism.

I do not remember defending or promoting Sanjana here. But like I criticize him (which I have done many a times) I will acknowledge or praise if he does something that demands such. Just Like I do with you.
Just one more thing is that any one I disagree with, politically or ideologically does not mean I hate them. I will not hesitate to sit across from a table over a cup of coffee and continue the argument or the disagreement. Even with Indi. :)
Kidding aside, even the Bhikkhu in this story, I will gladly sit down near him and listen to his reasons or arguments and present my idea in better manner. I just do not like the way he handled the issue. I have no problem with people depending or protecting the Buddhism they see fit. I just do not agree with harming another to do it.
It goes the same for Tamil people and the terrorists. I am glad that the terrorists were eliminated, and I will salute President for that, no matter what thousand Sanjanas or thousand Sittingnuts say, bad and good, about our President. To me, he is the one who ended 30 years of suffering by Sri Lankans. My dislike to terrorists does not extend to other Tamil people. I was very sad to see those people in camps.
Just today I read an article on Groundviews about Tsunami baby. The fact, that the author, and the actors were Tamil people did not even matter at all. Most important factor for me was the mothers love, that is what I read in that post.
Hey man take it easy, smile a bit and bring out your ideas what ever the way you want. But do not dictate what I should not or should, because I will not heed. But you can certainly suggest or ask and you might find me reacting differently.

  1. very confused are you ?

    did i dictate to you ? did i say what you should do. where ?
    i did not .

    so main point your post/comment is not valid.

    btw it is always good to link/qoute/screen shot what you are refuting, if it is in different place. (as my comment is to this post.) btw are such suggestions what you call dictating ? lol

    what i did in my comment was to point out that groundviews censors legitimate comments and criticism . with examples .
    here are some

    as such when you call on your readers to “join a conversation at Groundviews ” with link, that is impossible. (that is also a promotion.)

    spineless suck ups never face that problem.

    are you one? – was the question i raised. i don’t determine that. you actions do.

    i also refereed to what they were doing last 24 hours

    and asked you, “are you going to defend sanjana there now? are you going to ask him questions about it? or are you all too ready to suck him and say nothing ? ”

    btw did you do any of that ?

    anyway is such questions what you call ‘dictating’? lol

    you are of course free to have tea/coffee/whatever with ppl like sanjana and indi padashow samarajiva, but they did not attack
    you with falsehoods ( not on my politics etc but on a irrelevant personal level through second hand blogs, like lefroy and padashow. there were whole posts devoted to attacking in a similar way in sanajana’s now deleted moju blog ) .

    here are latest examples

    i am sorry i don’t and can’t smile at that sort of thing.
    can you?

    – –
    in addition to all that i asked you what you were objecting to about some monks statment?
    you have replied more or less. that is that.

    as i said i am no buddhist as such don’t care how monks should behave or use language .
    i don’t have any objections to anyone describing what akon seem to be well known for doing ( as i pointed out youtube has lots of examples ) at concerts in clear terms.

    did i say you don’t differentiate between tamils and terrorists? never.
    in fact whenever i see ppl equating tamils with ltte explicitly or implicitly i always point that out and criticize them in no uncertain terms.

    you never did that so i never criticized you on that count. so what the refutation.

    (btw this racist equalization is very common in groundviews but did you ever counter it there? why not ? )

    you make several other references to other issues never mentioned in my comment . where you confused ?

    if you have any objections to my words pl refute them where and when i make them. and qoute, link, etc if you do it in another place .

    of course that is a suggestion . would you take that as ‘dictating’ too? lol

    you are free to range wide far refuting things i never said if you want. feel free if you want .

  2. sorry for the typos. meaning is clear when they occur so i am will not correct them one by one. if anyone has a problem in that regard let me know.

    not going to apologize for length.

  3. oops, my 1st comment here is still in moderation( so not visible to others) (due to length?). comment about typos ( which is not awaiting moderation but on display ) is in reference to that.

  4. Hey Apologies, In a sleepy haste, I forgot to approve your original comment(s) now you are free to comment and they will appear as soon as you make them.

  5. Also I would like to mention in our about page we have made this notation.
    “Our opposition to your ideas does not mean we hate you, perhaps we love you more. It is said that one learns more from the ones who opposes you than from the ones who agrees with you. all the time”
    It is like your brothers and sisters. They can do any naughty or hurtful things not knowingly, but at the end They are your brothers and sisters.
    Thank you for reading this far.

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