Milibanda Also Facing Elections In May, But Unlike Our President, He Is Going home!

In magerata, Politics on April 7, 2010 at 1:57 pm

I was laughing my head off today after reading a blog post by Oooru Miyaa about the  Lord Governor General of Sri Lanka Milibanda (also Known As David Miliband) and Gordon Brownriggs upcoming elections in UK.

Governer Milibanda has been trying to collect all Sri Lanka’s troubles in his sarong, perhaps RD gave him the sarong, in another plot to make as many Britishers, barefooters. Once I <del triedd /del> collected cashew fruits in my sarong, you know the way you form a pocket in front by holding the hem together, yes I destroyed the sarong by making some irremovable stains.  Milibandas are a frustrated lot, in their politics and in their sex lives. So they really must be hating to see all those lingaries coming from Sri Lanka ending up in high end department stores like Harrods. Like me they have managed to stain the sarong, the ultimate mans dress.

Which also reminds me that I got to grow up and become a man, ‘cos my sarong always keep falling off me unknowingly. I have to use an old tie to keep it in place.

But I have a suggestion for Sri Lanaka, let us spend some money and work against those peoples agendas. It will actually work for Sri Lanka. The way they have been running the government over there in the land where sun has set, I do not think they need any help going home. I just want to make sure, just like after locking a door, you always check if it is locked.

How well they have been running the government is very evident that 20 million or so Indians have better life conditions than those of middle class in England. We all know that India is growing fast but England is also diving fast. Their current government is not helping much to reverse to course.

Perhaps pretty soon, Britishers will emmigrate to India, like some Americans and Canadians, I know, already have done for economic reasons!.

  1. Very uncharasteric post from you. But yes the conservative party will look at terrorim and immigration differently.

    • Sorry Dhammika, I was so tickled by Ooorumiyaa’s translation of Miliband in to Sinhalese. Did not think much when I wrote this. (Not that I think in any case) I think Labour got stagnant after three consecutive wins. I think whole England will go of the way of London.

  2. Ya. empires often falls. UK wont be a big deal for us, but the real problem is the mindset of our own people. And the way we should develop real patriotism on their minds.

    • Thanks Thejan, I am with you. People need to throw away fantacies and come down to the ground. If we do not see eye to eye and recognize the other to be the same, we will never stop fighting. Respect will gain respect. Sometimes I really wonder about Magerata, when I read blog posts and comment logs, I wonder how do we get along. Boy we all seem to have some egos and everyone wants everyone to follow without, with no resistance.
      Thanks you for the visit.

  3. Milibanda – Good one! 😀

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