Yosemite Valley, A Place To Hike.

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Yosemite Valley, more than 90 miles of Hiking trails.

Click (once for the photo and then twice) on the photo for a larger view.

I am not much of a rock climber. But I love hiking, you know the less risky kind and Yosemite Valley is a good hiking place. There is more to Yosemite Valley than the usual tourists view points, like the one above.

Yosemite Valley Photo was taken from the start of the red arrow facing the direction of the arrow

Glacier point, where the photo was taken  is about 2500 feet above Curry Village below

The Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River makes a good area to blend in with the nature. All the best waterfalls are there, some even as tall or long as 600 feet. I have covered all the trails Mr Doyle Donehoo describes and has documented so well. I have come to know a few artists and photographers , whom I usually go here to camp out. They have shown me the hidden wonders of  Yosemite Valley.

Yet nothing to match those, that Kirigalpoththa, other good hikers and photographers find and document in Magerata, because I yearn for those.

  1. Lovely photo! I like the way you show the direction of the photo using the map.
    I would like to hike in Yosemite Valley oneday.

    • Thanks Kirigalpoththa, Yes it is a lovely place, (China has sister parks in Huangshan and Jiuzhaigou. I have been to the Yellow Mountains, Huangshan) It is a lovely place. It is lovely in winter too with trip to Tuolumne Meadows is a 16-mile ski up Highway 120, with only very few people. Usually roads are closed until June or so.

  2. Beautiful capture at the tops. Looks an amazing wilderness area.

    I must say I am more of a walker than hiker – yes, even more softcore. The thing is I make far too many stops to see and photograph things that I see. Hikers would hate to go walking with me.

    • Hi Gallicissa, then we are in the same camp. I go on hikes and would weer away from the original path so many times my friends and family always say “see you at the destination”, even before we start! I like to explore more than just glancing and walking by.
      Yosemite is a beautiful area and you never run out of new paths to explore. It is most beautiful when snow begins to melt and water falls become full bodied.
      Thank you for visiting.

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