Back From The Cold Of Lassen

In magerata, studies, travels on April 21, 2010 at 9:21 am

There came the sun

Well it was a nice trip, Volcano (Mostly dormant) and snow goes together except for the sulfuric stench. But I endured those, had good time cross country skiing and of course some work.

But Blue Trees?

Blue Trees

But the environment changed at every turn. It was fun to dip my tired feet in to the icy cold stream.

Stream in the mountains

Stream in the mountains

But I could also sit down, if I wanted and if the bench was dry.

Wet And Cold

Then I went in the darkness and even though difficult had to take this shot, from the car!

riding into the darkness

Only to emerge into my sunny abode and ride my bike in my favorite park. (Photo of me riding credit to my friend Dal)

Riding makes you feel good!

See you guys later, Got to finish some work!

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