Economic Revival Of Sri Lanka

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Indi pointed me to a paper by Muttukrishna Sarvananthan, You may know him  as Sarvi who is the Principal Researcher at Point Pedro Institute of Development.

The paper lays out the reality, what it will take to make the most under developed parts of the yet under developed country due to 30 years of fighting and other reasons.

It is not only the government (politicians as well as the bureaucrats) that lacks innovative ideas to unleash the full potential of the Sri Lankan people; our development partners (bilateral and multilateral donors) and non-governmental organisations as well lack innovative ideas to rebuild a war-torn economy by learning from the experiences of other countries that have undergone such experiences.
In spite of recording the second lowest growth rate (3.5%) in the past decade (2000-2009) (the lowest being in 2001: (-) 1.5%) and third lowest growth rate in South Asia (after Maldives: (-) 3% and Pakistan: 2%) and other macroeconomic vulnerabilities in 2009, the prospects for the Sri Lankan economy are pretty good. The end of the protracted civil war and a stable government with an invincible majority in parliament has removed two structural impediments (i.e. political and security) to economic take-off in Sri Lanka. However, what are lacking are a robust growth strategy and an optimal policy framework to implement the envisioned growth strategy.
If we are to develop the country, it should be the whole country as a single unit, It could start with bits and pieces but not a single bit or piece be left behind.
You will find the complete paper, a talk given at ICCR, at Indi’s site. Even if you have different ideas about development, it is always better to learn about all the possible avenues. I think it is a good road to take!
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