Sinhala Tamil Virtual Keyboard For Google Search, Please Vote.

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sinhala tamil virtual keyboard

sinhala tamil virtual keyboard

You may already know that Google has enabled virtual keyboards for search in a few languages like AlbanianArabicArmenian, GreekHebrewHindi, and a bunch more. Since I am familiar with some of those languages, I tested them out and not having to click language bar in windows (in which I have quite a few languages) was a great help. I could invoke the virtual keyboard and type away the letters for my search.

Alas, I could not type in Sinhala or Tamil (Not that can, but I am learning) which would help a lot as both Tamil and Sinhala texts are now amassed on the web with Tamil leading the amount of content.

Please follow the “voting for your language” and vote for Sinhala and Tamil Virtual Keyboards, we might get to use the virtual keyboards for search soon, like my Indian friends do with Hindi Virtual Keyboard.

Hindi virtual keyboard for Google Search

Official Google Blog: Integrating virtual keyboards in Google search

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