Buddha Emblem Zippo Lighter At ODEL, Is This What People Light Their Joints With In Sri Lanka?

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Edited because one reader reminded me that Bhikkhus may not be aware of what is for sale at ODEL.

I wonder where are the likes of Bhikkhu K. Tanchangya and all those who protested vehemently Akon for dancing in front of Buddha Statutes. Perhaps people like them only wants attention grabbing protests like Akon incident. Just hollow thunder I guess. Because right under their noses Buddha icon  is used for selling cigarette lighters, right here in Sri Lanaka.

How come dancing front of Buddha statue is wrong but to to light joints with “Buddha Emblem Zippo Lighter”  is acceptable?  If not please wake up because there seem to be something wrong with your attitude. Yes today I was browsing ODEL online shop to buy a gift for a friend of mine. So naturally I browsed through “boys toys” and what do I find?

Buddha emblem Zippo lighter.

Buddha Lighter

Genuine Zippo windproof lighter.
“From timeless design to the unmistakable “click”…from the quality of materials and workmanship to the Lifetime Guarantee – these are features that make a Zippo lighter so satisfying to own”.

I wonder why no one marching in front of Odel.  May be it is owned by friend of the Bhikku. May be the owners are too big to handle. What ever is the case, I only see the hypocrisy of those protests and protestors.

Yes I am still a Buddhist. Does this lighter make me angry? Nope, I just feel sorry for the people like Bhikkhu  above for using Buddhism for their own ends. Did I stop buying at Odel? Heck no, I got my friend something from them. I do not smoke and even if I did, I would not buy that lighter but if someone else does, it is their business. Buddha will be Buddha, no matter what. Peace.

Product at ODEL, click to see larger

  1. I dont think the avarage Buddhist Monk shops at ODEL, much less their online store.. So your “Blame Buddhist” post has a lot of holes in it.

    • Hi Acromantula, thank you for the visit. I did not assume Buddhist monks should check out odel but the monk mentioned is pretty active on the internet. In any case, If it was not known, now you and many others know. I am not blaming anyone, I just asked a question. “Why the double standard?” Again I did not find anything wrong, not with the lighter nor with Akon (I don’t even like him or his music). But I ask again, if Akon was wrong why is this right?
      I hope Sunday Leader publishes this article, so everyone will know.

  2. O_O 😦
    I didn’t see that coming. It’s got to go out. These protestants here don’t have any sense in them. Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Me-Shak, thanks Buddy! I just wanted to see the reaction of people.

  3. Again… This is not something u get when ur “browsing” internet.. You have to go explicitly to Odel Online store.

    Having said that, we need people like you who shops at places like Odel to keep the general public aware of this kind of attacks against Buddhism.

    Now that u’ve mentioned this i’m sure the right people will start taking action. But Remember that there will not be instant reactions. Even the attack by SouthPark took some time to make it to the papers in SL. Even the Attack by Akon started because some people started a Facebook page and some Chirstian bloggers started bloging about the Facebook page.

    The Double standard is probably because no “real” Buddhists are buying “lighters” from Odel.

    • Hi Acromantula, glad to be of service but I am surprised that I am the only one who shop at ODEL. Damn ODEL must be doing so bad because this is first time ever I shopped there, I wonder whom ODEL sell to.
      “People like you”, according to your site want to kill Akon (How Buddhist of you) but I only hope he would realize what he has done wrong and correct himself. Even he has capability to become Bodhisattva like every human being and hope that happens this life or another. You too.

      • Well I’m not a real Buddhist… at least not in the Sri Lankan sense.. I’m a Nationalist. The thing is Attacks against Buddhist are synonyms with attacks against Sinhalese. Tht’s why Akon should be punished. But if we try to stick to Buddhist principals we would be walked over (Remember the LTTE). But then again even Angulimala found peace. So i guess Akon has a good chance of Nirvana. (But for him i guess that would mean a Rock Band.. {see a pattern..})

      • We need all sort of people to make our country a better place. I am for united Sri Lanka. LTTE did a lot of damage to Sri Lanka, it’s people. They managed to mess up peoples minds so much that usually passive Sri Lankans minds now accepts death and destruction as a norm. That is why we need Buddhism more than ever. Good and kind thoughts will multiply and the only way I know is through proper practice of Buddhism as Lord Buddha intended us do.
        I was so glad when LTTE was defeated, I even forgot I am trying to practice Buddhism and cheered the death. I still cannot find a way to forgive those murderers in my heart. For the same reason I do not like the people like Milibanda who tried very hard to save those murderers using Human rights crap they flushes down every morning. You have no idea, how happy I was to see labor party lost.
        Yet I am not a hard line Sinhalese either. I would like to see all Sri Lankans live in peace and prosper. You have every right to be a nationalist. But be kind to magerata.

  4. i like this post =]

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