Milibanda (Miliband) Begins Nailing His Boss, Gordon Brownriggs

In magerata, Politics on May 13, 2010 at 11:15 am

The  former Lord Governor General of Sri Lanka Milibanda (also Known As David Miliband) will take his Labour leadership bid on the road as he seeks to dethrone Gordon Brown who is bettter known as Gordon Brownriggs.

The  former Lord Governor General of Sri Lank who was also the former foreign secretary  announced that he is running for the job,  within 24 hours of Mr Brown’s resignation as the prime minister.

It Seems his lordship or more like lordshit wants to ask his voters why they turned away from Labour in their millions in last Thursday’s General Election. I wish our Prince Ranil Wickremesinghe take care of campaign fund accounting and do the same. There are hundreds who does not like Our Presidents accomplishments , may be he can ask them why didn’t they vote for him or his party.

Don’t fret too much about Milibanda because Ed Miliband, as well as Ed Balls (?) and Andy Burnham, are also on their way to bid for the same position. I wonder what Browriggs is thinking now.

“A good leader listens as well as leads, I will begin a conversation with members, MPs and trade unionists in the party, but also members of the general public, especially in seats we lost.”  Yes, Go suck an egg and leave my country alone.

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