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Central Bank Of Sri Lanka issues “SELECTED WEEKLY ECONOMIC INDICATORS” that reports the health of the country’s economy. While it may sound like some exotic economic buzz, average Sri Lankans will be able to leverage such information for their betterment. I do not see Groundviews or Perambara giving out these information. Grounviews is basically targeting the west and a certain crowd who are interested in Sri Lanka conflicts and perhaps profiteering from them to the tune of $11,000 per month for mid level staff at UNHCR. I wonder how many Sri Lankan kids could have gone to school with that money. Man Human Rights is such a good business. I guess they have less interest in these indicators. Perhaps positive indicators of Sri Lankan Economy might even reduce the importance of their news which is mostly intellectual crap demilitarization and human rights. First I read in wonderment but bow wonder whose rights they are fighting for. I am sure they can help Sri Lanka in many ways because there is a bunch of interesting and intelligent people over there. But they are just like bull tied to a pole, going round and round, trampling on their own bullcrap. I hope Indi turn to this direction and show that Sri Lanka in not what many people want it to be. Indi perhaps lost in his self discovery, his cats and pussies. But he seem to pull his head up these days. I am glad he wrote about ICG the crisis manufacturing company. Having said all these things, I do not hate anyone, I just do not agree with them. What prompeted me to say that is many Sri Lankan bloggers seem to hate or get very angry with whom they disagree, on either side.

Rajaratarala in his multiple blogs, sometime carry the farmers side of these indicators and the data. For an instance, it will be valuable for him to see the price points of rice in multiple locations and markets like;


Narahenpita Economic Centre

Dambulla Market

But I am sure as the time passes these information will begin to flow into to farmers hands through institutes like HorizonLanka and Wanni (who was recognized by World Economic Forums as a Young Global Leader) , an institute and a person who actually interested in bettering the knowledge and livelihood of far away villages. If he and his institute is to receive a fraction of the money that most NGO’s in the country enjoys today, Sri Lanka will be on a better path than it has been for last few years.

If one to read Wanni and his student blogs, you will learn about another side of human rights, that were violated by LTTE, abductions and killing of same Sri Lankan people.

I hope Sanjana and YATV will do more interview people like Wanni and his students, some of them even who lost family members were murdered by LTTE. If one wants to be transparent, it is not that hard.

In any case the aim of this article is to let the world and all regular Sri Lankans, including farmers, know that documents like these are produced by Sri Lanka regularly are available freely.

For instance the Weekly Economic Indicators carry following information in detail.

Exchange Rates
Interest Rates (%)
Bankwise- AWPR (Average Weighted Prime Lending Rate)
Government Securities Market
Buying and Selling prices of Treasury Bonds
Two way quotes for Treasury Bills
Money Market Activity – Volumes
Open Market Operations
Credit Cards *
Commercial Paper Issues (1)
Share Market
Money Supply (c)
Weekly change in Reserve Money
Average Wholesale Prices
Average Retail Prices
Narahenpita Economic Centre
Dambulla Market
Price Indices
Wage rate Indices
Agriculture Production
Industrial Production
Government Finance
Government Debt
External Finance
External Trade
Industrial Exports
Trade Indices *
International Commodity Prices
Average Crude Oil Prices
Sri Lankan GDP
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