President Rajapaksa Interviewed By AlJazeera, 101 East

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President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa

President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa

I am glad that President Rajapaksa decided to present himself to the world through the interview. It is the first international since the defeat of Terrorists. 101 East aslo discussed about the future of Sri Lanka.

Enjoy the video;

Indi does a better job of explaining

  1. President Rajapaksa was the only leader of Sri Lanka courageous enough to grit his teeth come what may and win a war on terror which lasted for 3 decades… a lifetime too long. The LTTE killed or rather massacred hundreds of men, women and children from all ethnicities and sri lanka lost many great leaders in ltte attacks. I may not agree with all President Rajapaksas moves in government but i don’t believe that any other leader could have or would have overcome the LTTE and ended this gruesome war. And as for investigations I completely agree with Our President, America won’t be held accountable for their so called war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan which is based on shaky foundations to say the least or for their shameless defence of countries blatantly carrying out violations of human rights to further their own gain, but it seems perfectly justifiable to point their fingers at Sri Lanka that has suffered enough due to the war. It is indeed an internal issue because i don’t think that any nation can take into account the amount of suffering that has been caused to all ethnicities, it is all too easy to forget or ignore incidents like the Anuradhapura, Gonagala and Palliyagodella massacres in light of the now more newsworthy war crime calls or forget when asking whether tamil politicians should receive more representation (which must be achieved) the fact that rising tamil leaders opposing war and seeking democratic change where murdered by the LTTE. Rebuilding the fragments of what is left is no easy task but it is a task that SRI LANKA CAN and WILL SUCCEED IN..We are the country of LIONS after all..Way to go President Rajapaksa!!! I hope that everyone looking from afar understands a monumental task it is, certainly not a days labour and gives the government credit where credit is due!!! – Nilan.

    • Hi Nilan,
      Do you have any information on the Anuradhapura, Gonagala and Palliyagodella massacres? Thx

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