China’s Peoples Daily Names Sri Lanka #1 Place to Visit Among 10 Others

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With over billion people, there will be many who are willing to travel with China’s booming economy. Well if Chinese to search for their travel destination, Sri Lanka will pop up;

“Apart from the tooth of the Buddha that is hidden in the beautiful natural scenery and the tranquil garden, many historical sites also exist there. Traveler Marco Polo said this is world’s most beautiful scenery. A thousand years later and it is still the case.”

10 Best Places To Visit In The World

10 Best Places To Visit In The World

The machine translation did not do justice, But do not forget that the news paper is for Chinese People.

Not only the tourists,  there are volunteers from China who visit Sri Lanka and help out Sri Lankans, like Miss Xin Li, Beijing, China, who worked with Horizon Lanka. If you have time this is one place you can help out a bunch of children and have a nice holiday. The founder of Horizon Lanka was recognized by World Economic Forums as a Young Global Leader) Sri Lanka welcomes all people. Thank you China People’s Daily. Thank you Sittingnut for the lead.

Learn more about Sri Lanka and Tourism at Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau

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