Despite Begging By Jeremy Page & Times Online, British Love Sri Lanka.

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British Love Sri Lanka

Number one place to visit in 2010 or for ever Photo credit Keith Bedford for The New York Times

Despite repeated begging by Jeremy Page and his tabloid timesonline, “do not visit Sri Lanka”, British people have honored Sri Lanka with most visitors from EU countries.  It must be the same allure that attracted Arthur C. Clark to Sri Lanka, when he decided to migrate to Magerata. Perhaps it was because Sri Lanka has been named the number one destination by The New York Times for 2010. What a contrast, between a tabloid and a News Paper. Thank you, New York Times For really helping out Sri Lankans.

“So the question facing British shoppers and holidaymakers is this: should they continue to support Sri Lanka’s garment and tourist industries? Sadly, the answer must be no.”

Well at least about 35,000 British citizens have given Jeremy the plug yourself up from bottom sign and visited Sri Lanka so far this year. So Jeremy, if you can can calculate as well as you babble, just assume all those only spent 100 quid per person, it is more than you will ever see in your life.

Thank you People of United Kingdom, Welcome to Sri Lanka’s Blue waters, sandy beaches, lush rain forests, national parks and even de-mined north, which is actually still going on.

Hey Jeremy even you too can visit Sri Lanka you have been dreaming about for a while (First you got to get permission though :). If you ever get to visit Sri Lanka soon, you can do the world a service by stepping on a land mine laid by your friends, many big government might go into a shock and stop manufacturing and selling land mines. Got balls?

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