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For 30 years, SOS Children’s Villages have existed in Sri Lanka providing a much needed service, Protecting and up bringing children in need.

There are five SOS Childrens Villages currently in Sri Lanka and very soon they will be adding the sixth,  in Jaffna a place they have not been able to go for last 30 years! Children at risk are given a real home with an SOS Mother and siblings to grow up with at a SOS Childrens Villages. In addition to the SOS Childrens Villages, the organization also have numerous projects including Social & Medical centres, SOS Youth houses, Vocational training centres, an SOS Hermann Gmeiner school, Kindergardens, Day care centres, Social centers and Family strengthening programmes open for the Sri Lankan community at large.

So why am I writing about them? One reason is that I just found out about them and the second is that they are holding a various activities to celebrate the 30 year presence in Sri Lanka. Also the children that the organization provided means of having a second chance, of having a family, will say thank you to their benefactors.

Their annual fund-raising and awareness building program will also falls withing these days and the event will be held at the SOS Children’s Village, Piliyandala on 19th June 2010 and they are expecting their current and  long standing contributors, their families and well wishers as esteemed guests for this event.

But you too could join the program and contribute what ever you could. It will go towards making a child’s life happy and also providing Sri Lanka with responsible and capable citizens. You can download the below image as recieved from their website or the PDF below (which is an exact copy of it and it is the last on this post “Donor-leaflet”), fill it up and send their way.

The address and othe contact info are;


P.O.BOX 5, Kesbewa, Piliyandala

Sri Lanka

Phone +94-11-270-2712, +94-0777-223246

FAX +94-11-270-2321


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  1. Sounds like they do some really good work… 🙂

  2. Mobile number should be 0777-223246

  3. Oh and our hot-line is 0777223246 🙂

    Thank you!

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