English Thrashed, Where Were The Wonders!

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Wide Open England

It was fun watching England getting thrashed, in style by Germans. I had Germans for 2:1 over England but the young Germans were better than balding wonder boys of England.

Mr R spent most of his time like this!

Wonder boy, the balding one spent most of this tournament on his ass, on the field or out.

Hard to forget Macarena with Goalies like this!

At least the English goalie was doing Macarena, English style, Thank you England, never laughed so much watching a football game.

As always, thank you for the laughs, UK

Next time try the macarena!

All images Getty, except Miliband-anana. see more here @ FIFA.

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  2. Next match of Germany will be more interesting!

    • Yup, KP. I am also looking forward to All the Holland Matches. They too were complaisant last match. Then again, I just got Kaka’s Jersey as a gift and I ‘ve a whole lot’a Brazilian friends.

  3. its the Germans carrying the cup this time. Eee-nuff said. somewhere in the corner of the world Hitler is alive.

    • I am waiting for Dutch to get the cup that has been evading them for so long! Thank you for dropping by!

  4. Well, what a match it was!
    English were unfortunate not to get that Lampard goal. It would have given them some valuable impetus.

    My money is on Deutschland!

    • The Oranjes! I want Holland to win this time. They have been denied many a times. Thank you for the visit Gallicissa. I am very glad you visited.

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