Sri Lanka’s Colombo Consumers’ Price Index For Years 2008, 2009, 2010 Released.

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Colombo Consumers’ Price Index June 2010

Finally after nagging over a period, Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), has released the current Colombo Consumers’ Price Index (CCPI) in PDF format. So now most of the people in the world will be able to read without having to search for Microsoft Word or a compatible reader. Hope they will stay on PDF, from here onwards.

The document lists Colombo Consumers’ Price Index (CCPI)2008, 2009 and 2010 and is much easier to compare how Sri Lankan economy is progressing. I know there are many who cry foul at various conducts of the government but wanting to bring down the country’s economy to appease their wishes is a bit moronic.
I love white water rafting. If you are capable and believe in yourself,  you can ride the river, be it a fast or slow, any which way you want and have control. Rough waters or the temperature of the water does not deter me. Progress should continue while we mold the country in to what we all wish for.
The country is surely progressing and there are many pot holes to be filled on the way to success as well as the regular roads that weave through the country. No one should or want to break or blow up a road because it has pot holes. Should be the same for the government as well.
Reform at any price, NO! Reform yes.
You can find the latest Colombo Consumers’ Price Index here (PDF).
The source of data : Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka.
  1. The ideal format is RDF, then on the fly conversion to a requested format. Adds server load.


    RDF has the added benefit of letting us use all details publicised by the central bank, assuming it is all linked RDF data, to use the data for our own statistics.

  2. Here’s a fun example of what regular folks can do if governments provide RDF data…

    In the above example, the data comes from different sources, all linked. Sort of like making a massive relational database from all over the place.

  3. Sorry, that was the wrong link, this is the right one:

    • Thanks JTL,
      Yes I know but it will be a decade before they will turn to RDF. It took them long enough to drop “.DOC” format. At least I can parse a PDF better than M$ stuff.
      Thank you for the link!

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