Adi Vel 2010, Hindu Street Procession Returns To Colombo Streets After 16 Years

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Adi Vel, A colorful Hindu festival will return to Colombo streets after a 16 years of hiatus. The 160-year-old Adi Vel Hindu religious ceremony, was held back due to terrorism menace that affected everything in Sri Lanka. The possession, Adi Vel 2010 will be held on July 23 and will travel many streets of Colombo, starting from Pettah and travel through York Street, Achilon Square and Galle Road, bringing blessings of Gods to everyone.

Hooked on Adi Vel

Photo by Deshan10

The trustees and members of Sammangod Sri Kathir Velautha Swami Temple and Manicavinayagak Temple extended an invitation to President Rajapaksa at the Temple Trees on Sunday (July 18) to participate in the 2010 Adi Vel Festival. The temple trustee Asok Kumar has said that the President Rajapaksa has assured him of the cooperation of the office and assured security for the Adi Vel festival as well.

As a small boy I used to watch that festival in Colombo but I was not very keen on those big carts and people performing with hooks attached to their bodies. I hate piercings, any kind! . Hope the Adi Vel will bring much happiness and peace to Magerata.

Presidential News

  1. So finally you decide to publish Tamil news.

    • Hi Arvind,
      I consider it as Sri Lankan news

    • We’ve always published what you call “Tamil news” (I think you mean news about Tamils). Where’ve you been that you missed it all?

      • Hey Sf, I know we do, but it should be done in such way that no one notices the difference. I for one even refuse to mention races in this blog. To me all are Sri Lankans and that is what we all want to be. I think we are getting there.
        Thank you for dropping by and commenting, dialog is the only way to peace, we have to listen to other side. Yes let us publish Sri Lankan news, covering every corner.

  2. This is a religious event and nothing to do with separatism and terrorism. so nothing wrong with publishing Tamil, Hindu or any other news belongs to different groups in SL. we need religious harmony, unity, peace and trust in Sri Lanka for lasting peace.

  3. […] the past 16 years due to security concerns, so it was quite a milestone.  Normally, you might see this–men being suspended from hooks–but fortunately (or perhaps not so fortunately since it would have been interesting?), I […]

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