DBSJeyaraj, KP And The State Of Affairs.

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This post was in draft for a while and I am not sure if people will be interested in it as every one, including me, ringing the term limits bell because of the 18th amendment fiasco. But it is crucial information and first such interview with KP, Thambiaiya Selvarasa Pathmanathan, a former tiger chief.

DEBSJeyaraj had conducted a fine interview with the KP or the current leader of now defunct LTTE. The four part publication which has appeared on on the website gave much needed information into the current affairs, infightings as well as old affairs and infighting of LTTE.

Mr. Jeyaraj questions KP in an orderly manner and the flow of the subjects takes the reader through the episodes, the LTTE big honchos went about ot their 30 years of conducting terror. Even though countless lives were lost on either side, it is useless to prosecute and kill another life in the name of the peace. I am glad that KP will be spared his to conduct good work, according to him through NERDO. KP seems to capable of conducting his rehabilitation and peace process NERDO (North-East Rehabilitation and Development Organization). Follow the link if you are interested in learning more about NERDO and / or helping out those in need. I for one do not care who conducts the process but I am very interested in the results. Those boys and girls have been hurt, misguided and at worst shot at. It takes a quite a lot to bring them back.

If Karuna, could be a minister, I am sure KP could be a Peace bringer.

DBSJeyaraj’s series on KP.

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