Butterfly Thoughts On Medirigiriya!

In Archeology, magerata on September 12, 2010 at 6:13 am

Guardians of Sri Lanka

I am on a quest to learn as much as possible about Magerata, ‘cos I have spent most of my life, all over the world. I have been visiting Sri Lanka as much as I could but since I got in to the college, I have had to reduce my visits. So I rely on my fellow bloggers and other news or feature sites for knowledge or Virtual trips!

This week I learned about Medirigiriya and the work of The Archeology department of Sri Lanka, in preserving those valualble sites, through Janani Amarasekara, and her butterfly thoughts. I love the North Central, just for their Massive water Lakes, built by the engineers of the past, yet proudly standing tall, today. Those Dagoba’s and other structures, usually find me dumbfounded ‘cos I can’t fathom the science behind them.


  1. I agree, makes you stop and just go “WOW”. Amazing isn’t it? Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Shak, Yes I am counting days now. I will be there during winter. But my Mom told me that it will be raining in the north by then.! But I don.t mind, I just want to see them.

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