Sarath Fonseka To Be Sentenced, Three Years In Prison!?

In magerata, Politics, Reconciliation on September 17, 2010 at 11:41 pm

Basically I am not a fan of Sarath Fonseka, but that does not mean I plan to harm him. I may not vote for him, shrink at his utterances are the extent of things I would do.

Many people attribute the victory over tigers to him and him to be a hero. Aside from my dislikes above, I would not hesitate bestowing honor he deserves, but then he too has to do his part, act like a hero.

Whatever the personal preferences or dislikes aside, I did not expect him to go to prison. I assumed a slap of a wrist and he be allowed to go about his business. But I learned today that in series of court martials, he has been stripped of his his rank and pension after court found him guilty over his engagement in politics while in uniform.

Now I see, on 17th, today the court martial convicted the former army chief of corrupt military supply deals and sentenced him to three years in jail after finding him favouring an arms company run by his son-in-law.

It seems unjust but I am not knowledgeable in the charges and I should not comment on it, but if he has done profiteering from the war, he is a another opportunistic thief in my eyes and the sentence might be just. Does the government plan to send all other opportunistic thieves who profited from the war to jail too?

The only thought came to my mind was how people like Karuna, KP and other such people who consider Fonseka as an enemy, must be rolling on the floor.

The sentence now must be ratified by President Mahinda Rajapakse and I hope in his heart he find a way to forgive his former comrade and I expect Fonseka to think before he speak, be the strategist that they say you were.


  1. Good post man. You’ve mirrored my sentiments exactly. I hope that either the president stops the sentence at his table or the appeals court overturns it. 😐

  2. What Mahinda has done makes sense (to him at least). If he is released, then he emerges as a martyr to the people, and would be a big blow to the mahinda regime.

  3. i think his fault was rather than challenging MR politically, he challenged the lankan state! as it stands hes a liability for the nation n we cant take any risk in letting him be a tool for the forces against our country.
    country is more valuable than a person how valuable he may have been

    • Yes Billy I was against SF for threatening to bring everyone down with false charges and the morons outside the country are still looking for a way to attack SL. They have lost a huge leverage point by SL government eliminating the terrorists. Looks like Ban ki moon has been paid enough to persuade false claims against Sri Lanka, he is going ahead with his panel. UN is a bloody joke of the century now. I only want all of Sri Lanka to enjoy the freedom. Politicians aside, I think what everyone wants is peace freedom and progress. Thank you for your ideas Billy.

  4. […] as commander-in-chief, has confirmed the court martial decision, The sentence begins from today. The court martial recommended up to three years in jail, but the president has decided he will be in prison for 30 months” Media Minister Keheliya […]

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