Report On Sri Lanka Telecommunications, Q4 2010

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Business Monitor International has published an update to the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Report for fourth quarter 2010.  The new report has revised the its forecasts on Sri Lankan communication markets, including but not limited to fixed-line, internet and broadband services markets extensively with fresh data from authorities, operators and industry associations in Sri Lanka. The mobile market forecasts remain the same due to lack of data from Sri Lankas five mobile operators.

Notable are the downgrade of the fixed line growth forecasts even though with the new avenues to build communication lines in the North and East of the country. There is a positive growth but I assume it will be more visible in the year 2012 or so. The aging PSTN has been suffering and even some wireless local loops WLL, have been taken off line by some of the operators. The report believes that each of the next five years will see nominal positive growth, in contrast to our previous forecasts for steady increases to 2014 in the Sri Lankas Fixed Line Telecommunication Market.

There is some overlap with the increase of broadband lines in recent times, as both PSTN and CDMA WLL connections are increasingly being used to deliver broadband services to Sri Lankans looking to surf the net, get their daily information dose as according to the news reaching us, print news being more and more polarized. Yet the new data show that fixed broadband connections grew less strongly in 2009 than had been expected, but the market was bolstered by growing interest in Sri Lankan WiMAX and 3G/3.5G mobile telephone networks for broadband access. Data from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka suggest that there were 70,000 WiMAX/3G subscribers at the end of 2009 which, when added to fixed broadband subscriber numbers, pushes up our growth forecasts quite significantly. The analysts expect broadband penetration to reach 21.3% by the end of 2014, up from 1.2% at the end of 2009.

There is a change in the mobile broadband usage in Sri Lanka thus giving the analysts an opportunity to begin forecasting 3G service usage, which was lacking Previously.  The price wars of Mobile broadband service in 2009 helped to make 3G services more affordable, and it is believed there were 95,000 3G subscribers at the end of the year, representing 0.7% of the mobile market as a whole. The report expects 3G to account for just 2.5% of the mobile market by 2014, pointing at the cost being a major hurdle to mass market adoption.

Following is the table of contents of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Report Q4 2010 Published by Business Monitor International on Aug 20, 2010 , spaning 78 pages;

Executive Summary
Sri Lanka Wireline (Fixed-Line And Broadband) SWOT
Sri Lanka Mobile SWOT
Sri Lanka Political SWOT
Sri Lanka Economic SWOT
Sri Lanka Business Environment SWOT
Business Environment Rankings
Sri Lanka
Industry Forecasts
Table: Sri Lanka Telecoms Sector – Mobiles – Historical Data & Forecasts
Table: BMI Telecoms – Mobile ARPU – Historical Data And Forecasts (LKR)
Fixed Line
Table: Sri Lanka Telecoms Sector – Fixed Line – Historical Data & Forecasts
Table: Sri Lanka Telecoms Sector – Internet – Historical Data & Forecasts
Market Data Analysis
Mobile Market
Table: Sri Lanka Wireless Market, Q110
Table: Sri Lanka Wireless Market Net Additions, Q110
Subscriber Mix & ARPU
Mobile Contract Wins
Mobile Content
Regional Outlook
Table: Asia Mobile VAS Market By Service, 2009 (US$bn)
Country Outlook
Value-Added Services Timeline
Table: Selected VAS Services
Mobile Operator Data
Table: Sri Lanka Mobile Market Overview
Table: Etisalat Lanka
Table: Hutchison Lanka
Table: Dialog
Table: Mobitel
Fixed Line
Table: Sri Lanka Fixed-Line Market, Q409
Provincial Fixed-Line Markets
Provincial Distribution of Fixed Line Phones, December 2009
Internet & Broadband
Dialog Telekom
Wireline (Fixed Line & Broadband) Developments
Table: Wireline Developments, 2008-2010
Regulatory Environment
Table: Sri Lanka: Regulatory Bodies And Their Responsibilities
Table: Licences Granted Under S.17, Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act 1991 (as amended)
Industry Developments
Regulatory Developments
Competitive Landscape
Competitor Analysis
Table: Key Players – Sri Lanka Telecoms Sector
Company Monitor
Cisco Systems
Table: Cisco Systems: Overall Financial Performance (US$bn)
Table: Cisco Systems: Major Contracts Awarded In Asia (2010)
Operator Profiles
Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT)
Hutchison Lanka
Dialog Telekom
Regional Telecommunications Penetration Overview
Fixed Line
Table: Regional Fixed-Line Penetration Overview
Table: Regional Broadband Penetration Overview
Table: Regional Mobile Penetration Overview
Country Snapshot: Sri Lanka Demographic Data
Section 1: Population
Table: Demographic Indicators, 2005-2030
Table: Rural/Urban Breakdown, 2005-2030
Section 2: Education And Healthcare
Table: Education, 2002-2005
Table: Vital Statistics, 2005-2030
Section 3: Labour Market And Spending Power
Table: Employment Indicators, 2001-2006
Table: Consumer Expenditure, 2000-2012 (US$)
Table: Average Annual Wages, 2000-2012
Glossary Of Terms
Table: Glossary Of Terms
BMI Methodology
How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts
Table: Key Indicators For Telecommunications Industry Forecasts
Telecoms Business Environment Ratings
Table: Weighting Of Indicators
Table: Ratings Indicators
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