Sarath Fonseka Headed For Prison, Sad!

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With all the moronic last episodes of the war, one of the chapters close with Sarath Fonseka going to prison on Thursday began 30 months in jail after the president confirmed the sentence. I had hoped, President to do otherwise.

According to AP; Rajapakse approved the sentence of two-and-a-half years “rigorous imprisonment” on Wednesday after returning from addressing the United Nations in New York.

“The president, as commander-in-chief, has confirmed the court martial decision, The sentence begins from today. The court martial recommended up to three years in jail, but the president has decided he will be in prison for 30 months” Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told reporters.

“The court martial was just a puppet show with the government holding the strings, We knew that he will be jailed so this announcement from the government today does not come as a surprise to us.” Fonseka’s wife Anoma Fonseka told reporters in Colombo Thursday. “

Fonseka also faces civilian charges of employing army deserters and revealing state secrets — offences that carry a 20-year jail term.

Military personnel  escorted their former four-star general to the Welikada prison, after the President Mahinda Rajapakse had approved Fonseka’s conviction by a military court.
“He was taken from military custody and handed over to prison authorities to start his sentence,” an army officer said.

This will polarize the country politically even more and I fear for outspoken people who support Sarath Fonseka.  Also in true Sri Lankan fasion, people might forget who Fonseka was in two and half years. The harder part for Sri Lankans is that President has pardoned high ranking members of LTTE (which we find a part of the process of reconciliation) why Sarath Fonseka was sent to prison.

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  2. justice done to the corrupto fonneka who was willing to betray sri lankans to his foreign pay masters.

  3. He might have been a power house in the military, but a weak politician at the most.

    • Thanks Lemonade, I do not know if he was a corrupt or innocent General, but it is evident that he was instrumental in eliminating the LTTE to some extent. That is why I said Sad. If I knew the facts, I would have said President is wrong or General Fonseka is wrong. But I really do not know. But let me say that I did not like his too wide a mouth, harping about telling stories. Anyone who loved the country would not even imagine saying it. I guess he is a bit of fool.
      Thanks you for the visit!

  4. The icon here looks pretty much like you, your usual constipated pose on top a toilet!

    • Hey Sue resh, lady the icon is depicting you, not me. See the beautiful map of Sri Lanka, That is me! 🙂

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