Googling Magerata, Googling Sri Lanka.

In development, magerata on October 19, 2010 at 1:02 pm

Someone has expressed his thoughts on an article called “Googling Sri Lanka” (for life of me I could not find the name of the author of the article on Financial Times) which runs very parallel to mine. Parallel because I think more aggressively than him like I envision Sri Lankan exports to be $20 Billion instead of $10 Billion. But you would not know what I am talking about, unless you read the article. The article compares the past results and predicts future results, when on Googles Sri Lanka.

Googling Sri Lanka

I think every Sri Lankan should read the article, Googling Sri Lanka, which of course is oogling Magerata fro me! It might shed some light on what needed to be done as a country, than chanting dictatorship mantra. To guid people to take ownership of the country, not just what they like.

I might make some people sigh for what I am going to write in the next sentence. But I stand for my beliefs. I would rather be under a dictatorship, if there is one, than living with terrorist threats, that killed multitude of Sri Lankan people.

Financial Times article.


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