New Airbus A320s Coming Sri Lanka Airlines In December.

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SriLankan Airlines is getting ready for the first of the five A320s in December and another three brand new planes will be joining the fleet in May next year. I really hope I can fly in Sri Lankan Air lines, at least half way, when I come to visit Sri Lanka in December.

According to Financial times, the national carrier has said that it is acquiring seven more aircraft by end of next year. Within the order are three brand new A320s first of which will be taken delivery of in May next year. The airline recieved the last of the six A330-200s over a decade ago in June 2000. In addition to the five A320s, there will be two twin otter floatplanes joining the fleet.

“We will be celebrating an important new chapter in the history of SriLankan Airlines with the arrival of this large number of aircraft within a short period. They will allow SriLankan to significantly enhance the passenger experience on board our flights, give us the ability to fly to more cities in the Subcontinent, Middle East and Southeast Asia, and to also increase capacity to existing destinations in these regions,.. Our fleet expansion plans are constantly updated to support Sri Lanka’s rapidly growing tourism industry, while keeping in mind the financial requirements of the airline” SriLankan Airlines CEO Manoj Gunawardena said.

The new aircrafts scheduled to be acquired in 2011 will sport the latest comforts and entertainment systems including Audio-Video On Demand (AVOD) in both Business and Economy Classes.All five aircrafts including the two A320s which are to arrive in December 2010 and early 2011, would be on operating leases at very attractive terms of monthly payments.

The two Twin Otters will be used for the re-launch of the domestic service SriLankan Air Taxi this winter.

The seven new aircrafts join SriLankan’s fleet of 13 aircrafts – three A320s, five A330s, and five A340s – with a global network covering 49 cities in 31 countries. The twin-engined A320s operate to destinations in the Subcontinent, Maldives, Southeast Asia, and parts of the Middle East, while the A330s and A340s operate to the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East.

  1. I hope you will fly SriLankan when you come here. In any case, it would be great to know that you will be here, and I look forward for your SL based posts.

    • Thanks Gallicissa, Yes actually we are trying to get seats on Sri Lankan Airlines for the December trip. My father always flies Sri Lankan Airlines (he travels to SL most in our family), when ever possible. I will be working a bit hard on several fronts this so called holiday. I will be up in the hills with my father learning a bit about the tea trade. Yes I am looking forward, very much to travel around the country a bit, specially the north, where I have never been to!

  2. Drop me an e-mail message to gallicissa AT gmail DOT com, if you need any travel tips to wildnerness areas.

    • Thanks a lot GI, I will do that. Tips from the best birding guide in Sri Lanka will be invaluable.

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