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In magerata on January 18, 2011 at 7:06 am

After visiting Magerata I have had my visions of the country slammed on my face. I was really hurt to see how the people were suffering. I saw the people from all walks of life being mistreated. Basically I have been taught of my ignorance. There might be a day, when I will be looking in the direction with some direction. But for now, I have handed over the to some entertaining folks who wishes to use the domain to make some positive changes.

They will also use this blog in association with their plans and I have handed over the site to them as well. They might keep the content for SEO purposes but if there are any personal material, I will remove them.

Effectively this is my last post and please show your appreciation for the new owners’  interest in the country and it’s people.They may have better plans and stronger desire than me.

Thank you for all your support that you have shown me. It is just that I have a weaker heart.

  1. Why such a hasty decision? Hope you are handing it over to capable hands..

  2. The site will be run by very capable people who want to make a difference in a different way. I know them and they are very good people. As far as I am concerned, I am sorry KP. I am still depressed after visiting SL. When I saw the state of people working in the estate(s)it broke my heart. I still have the interests but it will take a long time to recover from the shock and plan for new path. I really do want to come, now more than ever, but I really need to plan proper than hoping to walk in and change the way things have been done for ages.
    At least I bought a bus and gave it to the estate people so the children can go to school, which is far away, everyday. Next is to take care of housing for them. But company (people) did not understand my stand, they basically laughed at me when I sounded my concern.
    I also visited north. All I saw was destruction brought in by war all all those suffering children. It just hurts.
    I am very disappointed at my incapability. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Dude, don’t leave. It’s okay to give ownership to someone else but do stay around. I know the ground reality is a lot different to what you must’ve been used to, but things are getting better… very slowly, yes, but surely getting better. You can be a part of that transformation, just don’t leave! 😦

    • Hi Chavie,
      I will surely be around. If I can’t keep the blog, I will start another. But I am spending time bringing up projects for my little tea estate and it’s people. I want to make their life better. Still I tear when I remember the state of their lives. I have to convince myself that it can be made better and mostly, to bear up and revisit soon.
      As always, thanks bunch for your concern.
      In any case I am visiting all you guys all the time.

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