About Magerata මගේරට,

If you know what Magerata is then you know there could only be one. We are in the process of preparing “” for general release.

Our site may appear biased, confusing or indecisive, yes we are all that. But in our hearts, we do not want to hurt any one, all we want is to get Magerata to progress. Nothing is worth of killing  another, unless to save your life. Some say even that is not worth but we are too selfish. We  are not that good Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims or any other.

Our hearts are are full of love to all the people and we are very proud of Magerata.

Our opposition to your ideas does not mean we hate you, perhaps we love you more. It is said that one learns more from the ones who opposes you than from the ones who agrees with you. all the time.

Api Okkoma Daruwo of Magerata. We are All Children of my country. (Someone please tell me how to say this in Tamil language)

  1. “Api Okkoma Daruwo of Magerata” isn’t exactly Sinhala either, so don’t beat yourself up too much about not having the Tamil version either. If the Sinhala example is anything to go by, having it would prove more of an insult than to not having it.
    The conversation has been moved to

    • Hi Micheal, speak for yourself! I have no intention of insulting any one. (you seem to but none taken). If I do find it I will post it to best of my abilities. If I don’t, I will certainly not beat myself! You could have corrected me and that would have been well received, I will ask few others, I am sure there will be good hearted people! Anyways, Thank you for the visit.

  2. […] have had not proper responses yet, may be because the blog is new.  But a half-hearted critic, one Micheal Mendis from Australia left the following comment, even without bothering to correct my mistake. (Perhaps he too did not […]

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