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How To Pull A Milibandanana, How India And China Nudged West To Commend Sri Lanka On Handling Of The War!

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Let's moon Ban Ki Moon

Let's moon Ban Ki Moon

There is a fine article on Time by Amantha Perera, “How China and India Displaced the West in Sri Lanka” which explains the political power play and post war games being played in the South East Asia.

“We did not totally rely on the support of India and China, but their support did have a ripple effect” that neutralized the EU resolution” Dayan Jayatilleka, former Sri Lanka’s representative at the Security Council, has told Time.
Dayan Jayatilleka is currently a visiting lecturer at the Institute of South Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore. He approached the two Asin Power Houses for support and the result was that instead of a resolution censuring Sri Lanka, 29 members in the 47 member Council adopted a resolution commending the government. Only 12 voted against it, and six abstained.
That is how you pull a Miliband-anana.
“Having them (Norway) in our corner will to an extent neutralise western hostility,” he also has commented on the recent meeting between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on the sidelines of last month’s UN General Assembly sessions which could be the early signs of increasing support or waining resistence towards Sri Lanka.
All left is to pull a moon on Ban Ki Moon. You can find the Time Article Here.

Sarath Fonseka Headed For Prison, Sad!

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With all the moronic last episodes of the war, one of the chapters close with Sarath Fonseka going to prison on Thursday began 30 months in jail after the president confirmed the sentence. I had hoped, President to do otherwise.

According to AP; Rajapakse approved the sentence of two-and-a-half years “rigorous imprisonment” on Wednesday after returning from addressing the United Nations in New York.

“The president, as commander-in-chief, has confirmed the court martial decision, The sentence begins from today. The court martial recommended up to three years in jail, but the president has decided he will be in prison for 30 months” Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told reporters.

“The court martial was just a puppet show with the government holding the strings, We knew that he will be jailed so this announcement from the government today does not come as a surprise to us.” Fonseka’s wife Anoma Fonseka told reporters in Colombo Thursday. “

Fonseka also faces civilian charges of employing army deserters and revealing state secrets — offences that carry a 20-year jail term.

Military personnel  escorted their former four-star general to the Welikada prison, after the President Mahinda Rajapakse had approved Fonseka’s conviction by a military court.
“He was taken from military custody and handed over to prison authorities to start his sentence,” an army officer said.

This will polarize the country politically even more and I fear for outspoken people who support Sarath Fonseka.  Also in true Sri Lankan fasion, people might forget who Fonseka was in two and half years. The harder part for Sri Lankans is that President has pardoned high ranking members of LTTE (which we find a part of the process of reconciliation) why Sarath Fonseka was sent to prison.

Sarath Fonseka To Be Sentenced, Three Years In Prison!?

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Basically I am not a fan of Sarath Fonseka, but that does not mean I plan to harm him. I may not vote for him, shrink at his utterances are the extent of things I would do.

Many people attribute the victory over tigers to him and him to be a hero. Aside from my dislikes above, I would not hesitate bestowing honor he deserves, but then he too has to do his part, act like a hero.

Whatever the personal preferences or dislikes aside, I did not expect him to go to prison. I assumed a slap of a wrist and he be allowed to go about his business. But I learned today that in series of court martials, he has been stripped of his his rank and pension after court found him guilty over his engagement in politics while in uniform.

Now I see, on 17th, today the court martial convicted the former army chief of corrupt military supply deals and sentenced him to three years in jail after finding him favouring an arms company run by his son-in-law.

It seems unjust but I am not knowledgeable in the charges and I should not comment on it, but if he has done profiteering from the war, he is a another opportunistic thief in my eyes and the sentence might be just. Does the government plan to send all other opportunistic thieves who profited from the war to jail too?

The only thought came to my mind was how people like Karuna, KP and other such people who consider Fonseka as an enemy, must be rolling on the floor.

The sentence now must be ratified by President Mahinda Rajapakse and I hope in his heart he find a way to forgive his former comrade and I expect Fonseka to think before he speak, be the strategist that they say you were.


DBSJeyaraj, KP And The State Of Affairs.

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This post was in draft for a while and I am not sure if people will be interested in it as every one, including me, ringing the term limits bell because of the 18th amendment fiasco. But it is crucial information and first such interview with KP, Thambiaiya Selvarasa Pathmanathan, a former tiger chief.

DEBSJeyaraj had conducted a fine interview with the KP or the current leader of now defunct LTTE. The four part publication which has appeared on on the website gave much needed information into the current affairs, infightings as well as old affairs and infighting of LTTE.

Mr. Jeyaraj questions KP in an orderly manner and the flow of the subjects takes the reader through the episodes, the LTTE big honchos went about ot their 30 years of conducting terror. Even though countless lives were lost on either side, it is useless to prosecute and kill another life in the name of the peace. I am glad that KP will be spared his to conduct good work, according to him through NERDO. KP seems to capable of conducting his rehabilitation and peace process NERDO (North-East Rehabilitation and Development Organization). Follow the link if you are interested in learning more about NERDO and / or helping out those in need. I for one do not care who conducts the process but I am very interested in the results. Those boys and girls have been hurt, misguided and at worst shot at. It takes a quite a lot to bring them back.

If Karuna, could be a minister, I am sure KP could be a Peace bringer.

DBSJeyaraj’s series on KP.

Proposed Amendment, 18th Amendment To The Constitution Of The Democratic Socialist Republic Of Sri Lanka

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The proposed amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution is in the works. I have not even read it completely and I would not have time for a while either. I am busy doing what I am supposed to do, studying.

The End, (Also known as the start) has the best write up on the matter that I found so far so if you are interested, follow the link below and read it. If I find any other documents, I will surely will post them.

Be good to Magerata.

The Proposed Amendment, 18th-amendment Sri Lankan Constitution (PDF)

The End’s Post on the subject

DBSJeyaraj Goes Intermestic, Credits India For Elimination Of LTTE

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over and over

Over and Over


How intermeshed we are. As the heading says, that is what DBSJeyaraj, in his brilliant way of writing is doing. Some how I fail to grasp the true meaning of what he is saying. I learn something evertime he write something on Sri Lanka.

But I don’t buy every thing he says either, India may have wanted LTTE gone, but I doubt it was the largest morsel on their plate as DBSJeyaraj wants us to believe. India sure did play a major role, but even DBSJeyaraj not able ponit out exactly what the roles are. It is also understandable, ‘cos I doubt all these governments share everything with him.

What is more interesting than his writing is the comment deluge the articles attract. Perhaps because he is a great journalist and writer, he knows how to write. He can take one on a run with his ability to mix true facts with some not so straight ideas and have all believing, everything.

He does publish most reader comments, I said most because I know he did not publish a few comments I left on his site. They were not abusive comments but I was questioning some of his uttering. Perhaps he thought, I was seeking SEO link seeking blogger. But in that case he only helped me. If that is the case, you can search for DBSJeyaraj or DBS Jeyaraj on Google and you will find on the first results page, usually. So now I turn my comments on DBSJeyaraj‘s Articles to posts like this one.

If it was for another reason, I do not know what it is. Perhaps he did not like my moniker, ‘cos it is not his “Magerata” 🙂 . I leave comments on Groundviews too, some I agree and most I disagree. I am careful not be abusive to the writer nor the commentors. I do not hesitate to write, what I feel, think and infer, in my broken English. It does not mean that I hate another person or disrespect.

So I will continue to read, and comment. If you are interested, you can follow DBS Jeyaraj on Google search above and read his latest post.

President Rajapaksa Interviewed By AlJazeera, 101 East

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President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa

President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa

I am glad that President Rajapaksa decided to present himself to the world through the interview. It is the first international since the defeat of Terrorists. 101 East aslo discussed about the future of Sri Lanka.

Enjoy the video;

Indi does a better job of explaining

Minister of External Affairs, Prof. G. L. Peiris Speaks With USA’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

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Minister of External Affairs, Prof. G. L. Peiris met with CSIS, A Washington based think tank specializing in foreign affairs and security issues. The CSIS consists of distinguished members of the society and includes many former government officials. The meeting  Prof. G. L. Peiris attended was moderated by one such official, Teresita Schaffer, a former U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka.

Dr. Peiris then went on to explain the current situation of Sri Lanka, the confidence of people and the political stability that we have not seen for decades. All this have lifted the mood of the country and its people.

“we have achieved a great deal in an extremely short period. I think Sri Lanka has to be given due credit for this achievement.” said the Minister refering to the  reconstruction and rehabilitation in the North and East of the country. “We have shed the over-powering constraints that have inhibited any kind of development. Hotels are a coming back. Companies are putting up factories in Trincomalee and Kilinochchi.” said the Minister.

Dr. Peiris mentioned that the ICG never provided a copy of the report to Sri Lankan Government in advance. The report it self  is a collection of allegations and accounts from unnamed sources. He also mentioned that the United Nations Human Rights Council debated these matters for three days, and concluded that it would not take action.

Dr. Peiris also discussed possible changes to Sri Lanka’s constitution, including the establishment of a bicameral legislature and amendments to the electoral system.

Minister also met with Rep. Howard Berman, who chairs the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, as well as Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY), the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs of the House Committee on Appropriations. The Members of the Congress were updated about the nation’s unprecedented economic development and process of reconciliation.

Dr. Peiris will meet with more members of the Congress and government officials and explain and educate them about the progress Sri Lanka is making and specially the the appointment of a Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission in Sri Lanka.

On May 10, the US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, welcomed Sri Lanka’s intention to establish a commission (Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission).


Hope And Change Envelopes Sri Lanka, A Year Since Defeating Terrorism

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There were a bunch, numerically more than in a “lovely bunch of coconuts” that were published on Groundviews, to commemorate the the anniversary of the end of the war. There some good articles that actually wanted to bring a message to Sri Lankans but most of the others were “rinse repeat and deliver” type anti government propaganda. But it is good to see Sri Lankans being engaged. It was even funnier to see the comments that were left by authors of previous articles criticizing later articles, that were delivering the same message, for being redundant!.  Criticism itself is not bad if it was delivered correctly without having to settle to “my way or the high way” attitude. Then again, I am happy about every type of engagement, hoping that one day we will be able to live normally.

I was very happy with the end of the war, a year ago and nothing much has changed since then. But I expect to see more progress by the next anniversary.

But I am sure those articles will change at next anniversary, because we would have marched a long way by then and also much of the NGO funds would have dwindled because there is no need.

There are more authors, blogs and sites than Groundviews who write about the one year anniversary. One really moving for me was an article on Perambara which was actually about people in the north of the country that made me pause a while on track. The other one I want to bring forth is the response by Minister of External Affairs, Prof. Gamini Laxman Peiris on the same occasion, One year after defeating terrorism. Minister wrote the following article that was published on Huffington Post of Tuesday 25 May 2010. It is again attracting all sort of comments from all sorts of people. Just one sentense summerises what the rest of the Sri Lanka feel;

‘We may not be able to bring all the former voices of the LTTE among Tamil expatriates to the table, but I hope we can bring the Tamil population with us, as an integral part of a united Sri Lankan people’.

I am publishing the complete article below.

A Year After Defeating Terrorism, Sri Lanka Embodies Hope and Change

Today is my first visit to Washington since my appointment as Sri Lanka’s Minister for External Affairs. My visit marks a point of progress for Sri Lanka, following a difficult period in our history, one year on from the end of the Sri Lankan conflict.

After 26 years of conflict and daily acts of terror, we have witnessed our first year of peace. No-one who lived in Sri Lanka during the last thirty years would underestimate the magnitude of the change the country has undergone this past year nor the significance of our first anniversary of peace.

For almost three decades, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a terrorist group banned in over thirty democracies worldwide, including here in the US, had held the people of the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka under their repressive control. Today, Sri Lankans can celebrate that the country will never have to face such internal conflict again. ‘Change’ and ‘hope’ are popular words in the modern political lexicon, but I cannot think of two words that better exemplify what is now occurring in our country.

We just had the first peacetime Presidential and Parliamentary elections where all Sri Lankans were able to exercise their vote freely, previously denied to many Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese civilians in the North and East by the LTTE.

A year ago, Sri Lankans were unable to travel to the North and lived under the intimidation by the LTTE. One year on, the key A-9 artery road linking the North and the South of the country is once again throbbing with life and activity, reflecting the resumption of commercial and human contact with the North.

Internally displaced people have been returned to their homes as the land has been cleared of mines and infrastructure restored. A rich rice harvest will be produced from agricultural lands that had been indiscriminately mined by the LTTE. Companies from a diverse range of sectors from food processing, plastics and glass recycling, garments to ready-mix concrete are looking to establish a presence in the in the former conflict zones. The banking sector is flourishing, with several international names now operating in Jaffna, the capital of the North.

In the Eastern Province, the economy has been revitalised, with the investment of USD1.7bn. In this area, infrastructure has been restored, Tamils now form a bulk of the police force, all citizens participate in regional politics, employment is growing and tourism is thriving. In the North, we have initiated an accelerated programme of development, investing USD2.6bn over two years.

We are establishing a Commission to look at the lessons learnt from the conflict. The Commission will provide recommendations on actions that can be taken to boost reconstruction, rehabilitation and support reconciliation within Sri Lanka. President Rajapaksa has expressed his determination that no-one will be left behind in the new Sri Lanka, and the Commission will help achieve this important objective. We have a responsibility to ensure no future generation has to experience the anguish that we underwent during the last three decades.

In our external affairs we are committed to an open multilateral framework based on the principle of mutual respect. To that end, Secretary Clinton’s message of congratulations and invitation to Washington when I assumed my role last month was warmly received. We look forward to many years of constructive engagement and dialogue with the United States as well as other Western nations.

But constructive engagement does not stop at a Government-to-Government level. I have instructed my embassies to engage with Tamil communities abroad, to boost dialogue within these communities and, we hope, improve understanding. We may not be able to bring all the former voices of the LTTE among Tamil expatriates to the table, but I hope we can bring the Tamil population with us, as an integral part of a united Sri Lankan people.

One year ago, Sri Lankans saw an end to terror, an end our people scarcely thought possible. A year on, our people are embracing the opportunities it brings. We are making steady progress. I believe the painful shared memories of the past era of terror will drive our country on to many more years of peace and prosperity. We welcome international support and assistance as we work towards this enduring goal.

New Song Of MiliBanda And The Labour Party Of UK, “We Wont Be Here Tomorrow”

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Milibanda Banana millibandanana

Apologies to REVERE