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Octopus, Paul Allen’s Super Yacht In San Francisco

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I love boats and yacht’s. So far I have been able to sail in 38 feet to 42 feet vessels owned by others. Yes our family once in a while takes cruises and the last one was to South America, Los Angeles to Valparaiso, Chile abroad Crystal Symphony a fine ship. I love the sea, period. Some of my family friends own boats and sometimes I manage to steal time on board.

Octopus owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft

Octopus owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, in San Francisco

But Octopus is a totally different ball game. It is currently in San Francisco, the above photo was snatched from the bay bridge with my iPhone while travelling about 40 MPH. You can find better photos here. I want one but I am about $199.99 million short

Octopus is currently the world’s 11th largest superyacht, owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, to whom she was delivered in 2003. Octopus is the third largest super yacht that is not owned by a head of state, measuring 414 feet (126 m), and at the time it was built, was believed to be the biggest such yacht.[1]
Octopus sports two helicopters[1] on the top deck (one in front and one on the back), and a 63-foot (19 m) tender docked in the transom (one of seven aboard). The yacht also has a pool on board, located aft on one of her upper decks, and two submarines (one of them operated by remote control for studying the bottom of the ocean). Side hatches at the water line form a dock for jet skis. (Wikipedia)


Adi Vel 2010, Hindu Street Procession Returns To Colombo Streets After 16 Years

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Adi Vel, A colorful Hindu festival will return to Colombo streets after a 16 years of hiatus. The 160-year-old Adi Vel Hindu religious ceremony, was held back due to terrorism menace that affected everything in Sri Lanka. The possession, Adi Vel 2010 will be held on July 23 and will travel many streets of Colombo, starting from Pettah and travel through York Street, Achilon Square and Galle Road, bringing blessings of Gods to everyone.

Hooked on Adi Vel

Photo by Deshan10

The trustees and members of Sammangod Sri Kathir Velautha Swami Temple and Manicavinayagak Temple extended an invitation to President Rajapaksa at the Temple Trees on Sunday (July 18) to participate in the 2010 Adi Vel Festival. The temple trustee Asok Kumar has said that the President Rajapaksa has assured him of the cooperation of the office and assured security for the Adi Vel festival as well.

As a small boy I used to watch that festival in Colombo but I was not very keen on those big carts and people performing with hooks attached to their bodies. I hate piercings, any kind! . Hope the Adi Vel will bring much happiness and peace to Magerata.

Presidential News

China’s Peoples Daily Names Sri Lanka #1 Place to Visit Among 10 Others

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With over billion people, there will be many who are willing to travel with China’s booming economy. Well if Chinese to search for their travel destination, Sri Lanka will pop up;

“Apart from the tooth of the Buddha that is hidden in the beautiful natural scenery and the tranquil garden, many historical sites also exist there. Traveler Marco Polo said this is world’s most beautiful scenery. A thousand years later and it is still the case.”

10 Best Places To Visit In The World

10 Best Places To Visit In The World

The machine translation did not do justice, But do not forget that the news paper is for Chinese People.

Not only the tourists,  there are volunteers from China who visit Sri Lanka and help out Sri Lankans, like Miss Xin Li, Beijing, China, who worked with Horizon Lanka. If you have time this is one place you can help out a bunch of children and have a nice holiday. The founder of Horizon Lanka was recognized by World Economic Forums as a Young Global Leader) Sri Lanka welcomes all people. Thank you China People’s Daily. Thank you Sittingnut for the lead.

Learn more about Sri Lanka and Tourism at Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau

Visit Sri Lanka

Despite Begging By Jeremy Page & Times Online, British Love Sri Lanka.

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British Love Sri Lanka

Number one place to visit in 2010 or for ever Photo credit Keith Bedford for The New York Times

Despite repeated begging by Jeremy Page and his tabloid timesonline, “do not visit Sri Lanka”, British people have honored Sri Lanka with most visitors from EU countries.  It must be the same allure that attracted Arthur C. Clark to Sri Lanka, when he decided to migrate to Magerata. Perhaps it was because Sri Lanka has been named the number one destination by The New York Times for 2010. What a contrast, between a tabloid and a News Paper. Thank you, New York Times For really helping out Sri Lankans.

“So the question facing British shoppers and holidaymakers is this: should they continue to support Sri Lanka’s garment and tourist industries? Sadly, the answer must be no.”

Well at least about 35,000 British citizens have given Jeremy the plug yourself up from bottom sign and visited Sri Lanka so far this year. So Jeremy, if you can can calculate as well as you babble, just assume all those only spent 100 quid per person, it is more than you will ever see in your life.

Thank you People of United Kingdom, Welcome to Sri Lanka’s Blue waters, sandy beaches, lush rain forests, national parks and even de-mined north, which is actually still going on.

Hey Jeremy even you too can visit Sri Lanka you have been dreaming about for a while (First you got to get permission though :). If you ever get to visit Sri Lanka soon, you can do the world a service by stepping on a land mine laid by your friends, many big government might go into a shock and stop manufacturing and selling land mines. Got balls?

US Lifts Travel Restriction To Sri Lanka

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United States State department announced that it is lifting the travel restrictions on Sri Lanka, the island nation is mentioned by many sources as the top travel destination in 2010.

“The Travel Warning issued for Sri Lanka on November 19, 2009 has been cancelled, effective May 26, 2010, Department of State has cancelled the Travel Warning for Sri Lanka due to improvements in safety and security conditions throughout the country.” the State Department said in an announcement. “The Government of Sri Lanka declared victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on May 18, 2009. Since the war’s declared end, the LTTE has not mounted any attacks in Colombo or elsewhere in Sri Lanka.”

Sri Lanka warmly welcomed the change;

“We welcome the State Department’s decision recognition of Sri Lanka as a peaceful and prosperous nation that is of course safe for visitors, We have been working with the State Department for some time to lift this warning, and I am heartened that it has occurred during Minister Peiris’ Washington visit.” said the Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the United States, Jaliya Wickramasuriya.

Hey It Is Spring But No One Saw My Post

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Looks like for some reason, no one saw my “Back From The Cold” So I am reposting as new! 🙂
There came the sun

Well it was a nice trip, Volcano (Mostly dormant) and snow goes together except for the sulfuric stench. But I endured those, had good time cross country skiing and of course some work.

But Blue Trees? Yes they were blue to me.

Blue Trees

The environment changed at every turn. It was fun to dip my tired feet in to the icy cold stream. There were people strolling. Met a few lonely and not so lonely hikers.

Stream in the mountains
Stream in the mountains

I could also sit down, if I wanted and if the benches were dry. We dried this one and had our snack,

Wet And Cold

Then I went in to the darkness and even though difficult had to take this shot, from the car!

riding into the darkness

Only to emerge into my sunny abode in Cali and ride my bike in my favorite park. (Photo of me riding, credit to my friend Dal)

Riding makes you feel good! After been driving for hours.
maps of Lassen Volcanic National Park where the photos were taken, except the last two.

Lassen National Park

And the terrain;

Beauty under the snow

I Took The B Loop

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Never hurt to retrace your footsteps

Even though the path way was snow covered, I took the B Loop, Perhaps this what needed to be taken by some of our politicians.

Yosemite Valley, A Place To Hike.

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Yosemite Valley, more than 90 miles of Hiking trails.

Click (once for the photo and then twice) on the photo for a larger view.

I am not much of a rock climber. But I love hiking, you know the less risky kind and Yosemite Valley is a good hiking place. There is more to Yosemite Valley than the usual tourists view points, like the one above.

Yosemite Valley Photo was taken from the start of the red arrow facing the direction of the arrow

Glacier point, where the photo was taken  is about 2500 feet above Curry Village below

The Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River makes a good area to blend in with the nature. All the best waterfalls are there, some even as tall or long as 600 feet. I have covered all the trails Mr Doyle Donehoo describes and has documented so well. I have come to know a few artists and photographers , whom I usually go here to camp out. They have shown me the hidden wonders of  Yosemite Valley.

Yet nothing to match those, that Kirigalpoththa, other good hikers and photographers find and document in Magerata, because I yearn for those.

AKON Will Perform In Maldives! In April

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Akon after all will have his concert it seems. Maldives will reap the benefits and the worlds attention, for being a more tolerant nation. All the people who thinks they won should read the following news item published by the AFP, which I have provided a link below.

The article states that the Maldives stepped in on Tuesday to offer US rap star Akon a replacement concert after his scheduled appearance in Sri Lanka next month was scuttled by protesting Buddhist monks. (emphasis is mine)

I guess young generation (who cares for the likes of Akon) all over the world will have a nice picture of Lankan Buddhist monks. On the other hand, whole world looks at Burmese monks as heroes who stood up for the peoples rights.

“We are very happy he is planning to come and perform,” President Mohamed Nasheed’s press secretary Mohamed Zuhair told AFP by telephone from the atoll nation.

Akon’s Colombo concert scheduled for April 24 was blocked after monks complained about his “Sexy Bitch” music video featuring women in bikinis dancing around a pool. A Buddha statue was visible briefly in the background.

The concert in the capital Male is reportedly planned for April 23.

Sri Lanka’s tourism minister Achala Jagoda said Colombo could not issue a visa to the Grammy Award-nominated star because the video “was insensitive to Sri Lanka’s (Buddhist) cultural heritage.”

The cancelled show, which was reported to have sold out with tickets priced at 25,000 rupees (220 dollars), also attracted criticism from thousands of Sri Lankans on Facebook and blogs.

I don’t know who are the people who paid Rs 25,000 (what?) for a ticket (Indi did you?) but next time it would be better to plan such protests better.


Hikkaduwa Beach Fest 09

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Let your worries into the wind

hikkaduwa Beach fest 09

Click on the image to visit the Hikkaduwa Beach Fest Site