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DBSJeyaraj Goes Intermestic, Credits India For Elimination Of LTTE

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over and over

Over and Over


How intermeshed we are. As the heading says, that is what DBSJeyaraj, in his brilliant way of writing is doing. Some how I fail to grasp the true meaning of what he is saying. I learn something evertime he write something on Sri Lanka.

But I don’t buy every thing he says either, India may have wanted LTTE gone, but I doubt it was the largest morsel on their plate as DBSJeyaraj wants us to believe. India sure did play a major role, but even DBSJeyaraj not able ponit out exactly what the roles are. It is also understandable, ‘cos I doubt all these governments share everything with him.

What is more interesting than his writing is the comment deluge the articles attract. Perhaps because he is a great journalist and writer, he knows how to write. He can take one on a run with his ability to mix true facts with some not so straight ideas and have all believing, everything.

He does publish most reader comments, I said most because I know he did not publish a few comments I left on his site. They were not abusive comments but I was questioning some of his uttering. Perhaps he thought, I was seeking SEO link seeking blogger. But in that case he only helped me. If that is the case, you can search for DBSJeyaraj or DBS Jeyaraj on Google and you will find on the first results page, usually. So now I turn my comments on DBSJeyaraj‘s Articles to posts like this one.

If it was for another reason, I do not know what it is. Perhaps he did not like my moniker, ‘cos it is not his “Magerata” 🙂 . I leave comments on Groundviews too, some I agree and most I disagree. I am careful not be abusive to the writer nor the commentors. I do not hesitate to write, what I feel, think and infer, in my broken English. It does not mean that I hate another person or disrespect.

So I will continue to read, and comment. If you are interested, you can follow DBS Jeyaraj on Google search above and read his latest post.