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Sri Lanka Meets IMF-SBA Key September 2010 Goals

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Sri Lanka achieves end September targets under IMF-SBA programme

Sri Lanka has successfully achieved the key September 2010 programme targets, namely, Net International Reserves (NIR), Reserve Money (RM) and Net Domestic Financing (NDF) under the IMF-SBA. This outcome indicates the successful progress Sri Lanka has made since the approval of the SBA facility in July 2009. So far, under the programme, Sri Lanka has received 5 tranches, totalling US dollars 1,275 million, out of the total facility of approximately US dollars 2,600 million.

An IMF staff mission is expected in November 2010 to conduct the next review under the SBA programme, and the sixth tranche is expected to be released on completion of same.

PDF version of the press release “Sri Lanka achieves end September targets under IMF-SBA programme” Sri Lanka Meets IMF-SBA September Goals