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Where Have The IDP and Broken Soldiers Gone?

In magerata on February 12, 2010 at 10:38 am

People from all walks of life are fighting, venting and depending one of the worst politicians, in my eye, SF. The passion of those who opposes MR has been very active supporting SF and trying to get him out of the jail free.

I respect their passion and choice but the problem is that these are the same people who were working to get IDP home in safe manner. It looks like they have forgotten them wondering me to think “Are these do gooders are a bunch of losers who run towards the brightest light?”.  I sincerely hope not.

I contributed to both the sides as I do every month, perhaps most are doing that, supporting the unlucky ones silently.

But the news seems to be violence (read the comments on the linked post for other opinions) and a rally of protest according to Indi, who writes “Opposition is not a coup” but I have to say betrayal is not opposition either.  The protest / rally was covered by Perambara and I invite you to see the pictures and read both the posts and then draw your own conclusions, if you do not have one already.

At the end, it looks like we are fighting for hookers and pimps, so let us clean up our selves and get back to work. Because HRW is making all of us murderous bastards.