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Japanese Whale Killer, Good Rap, Suck On This Blubber, Hypocrites!

In magerata, magerata video on November 15, 2010 at 7:10 am


Many in this world ready to criticize others for their beliefs or habits very easily. Whale killing is one of those things. I understand the state of whales, but it is the west that brought the whale plight about not in very distant past. There are reports of US Navy Sonars affecting whale migration but nothing is done to avert these operations. Commercial ships kill as many whales as Japanese do every year too!  Well I like whale meat! and I like the pickled version from North American Native People, (Inupiat) too. 🙂 yes as I said, suck on this blubber.

If you don’t like four letter words, go listen to sound of music.